2018 Washington State Legislative Priorities

During and between each state legislative session, Columbia Legal Services works on behalf of our client communities to ensure they have access to justice and fight for policies and funding that positively impacts their lives. In many cases, we take leadership roles in advocating for bills, while at other times, we work closely with allies and within coalitions. We also play defense in working to block proposals that threaten our communities.

In 2018, we stand with families, workers, and consumers to urge legislators to protect low-income Washingtonians and create opportunities for them to thrive.

Protect adults, families, and children facing poverty

  • Give marginalized communities a stronger voice in local elections through the Washington Voting Rights Act (SB 6002
  • Modernize outdated personal property limits to help more families qualify for safety net programs (HB 1831
  • Help severely disabled people provide the necessary medical records to qualify for federal disability programs (HB 1239
  • Restore the power of judges to decide whether a child should be tried in adult court or kept in the juvenile system - Protecting Youth in the Justice System (SB 6160
  • Protect returning citizens from excessive and unfair legal financial obligations (HB 1783)
  • Expansion of Extended Foster Care services through age 21 - Expansion of Extended Foster Care Eligibility (SB 6222 / HB 2330)

Protect low-income workers

  • Shield farm workers and other community members from being exposed to pesticides without notice (SB 6529)

Protect low-income consumers

  • Strengthen charity care screening and notification for people seeking hospital care, including in languages other than English (SB 6273)
  • Ameliorate the devastating impacts of student loan debt (HB 1169)

Contact Antonio Ginatta, CLS Policy Director, with any questions or suggestions about our 2018 Legislative Priorities: antonio.ginatta@columbialegal.org