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Merf Ehman, Executive Director

We at Columbia Legal Services reveal and end harm to form a more just and inclusive society. We denounce white supremacy in all its forms. It has no place in our society. White supremacy and violence is not new. We abhor the further unleashing of it at the events in Charlottesville and across the nation.

Although by no means a new phenomenon, racialized violence and increased suffering have taken an even greater hold under a federal administration which fosters and condones the targeting and terrorizing of people of color through devaluing, dehumanization, and criminalization.

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Sujatha Jagadeesh Branch, Children & Youth Project Directing Attorney

The American Health Care Act (AHCA), currently being debated in Congress, would make sweeping changes to Medicaid. And that’s bad news for Washington’s children.

As it happens, two out of three of participants in Washington’s Medicaid program are children. Indeed, Medicaid is one of Washington’s largest health insurance... More

Antonio M. Ginatta, CLS Policy Director

I put my family first, my country second. If the US government was committed to separate me from my wife and children, if the US president was loudly declaring his commitment to split us up, I know where my loyalties would lie.

For many families in the United States, that’s exactly what they are facing. The US government has declared its intention to split them up, and it’s showing them how, across the United States and here in Washington.

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