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Sujatha Jagadeesh Branch, Children & Youth Project Directing Attorney

The American Health Care Act (AHCA), currently being debated in Congress, would make sweeping changes to Medicaid. And that’s bad news for Washington’s children.

As it happens, two out of three of participants in Washington’s Medicaid program are children. Indeed, Medicaid is one of Washington’s largest health insurance... More

Antonio M. Ginatta, CLS Policy Director

I put my family first, my country second. If the US government was committed to separate me from my wife and children, if the US president was loudly declaring his commitment to split us up, I know where my loyalties would lie.

For many families in the United States, that’s exactly what they are facing. The US government has declared its intention to split them up, and it’s showing them how, across the United States and here in Washington.

In... More

Aurora Martin

Dear Friend of Justice,

The holiday season is approaching, but many of us and the communities we fight for are feeling confusion, anger, and fear. We'll be in touch again soon to offer some thoughts and strategies for a just path forward. 

Today, I want to share with you some of the victories we've won together with our clients and allies over the last few months, mindful of the vital work ahead. We’ve been taking advantage of the time between legislative sessions to build relationships and... More