How We Imagine Justice



*TW: Photos contain representations of genitalia* Let's be clear about the new landscape we face: the communities that we serve are under attack. In just the first week of an inhumane Trump Administration, we've witnessed statements, nominations, and executive orders intent on redefining the law, policy, culture, and economy of our time.

President Donald Trump courted votes by disparaging women, people of color, immigrants and refugees, members of religious minorities, and by elevating the voices of hate. His stated agenda would strip citizens of their civil liberties, detain and deport communities we serve, dismantle a carefully crafted safety net for the poor, and place access to quality health care out of reach for millions of us, our friends, and neighbors.

Not on our watch.

For fifty years, Columbia Legal Services has a shared history of protecting the interests of low-income individuals and communities facing injustice. We have taken cases and issues that few others were willing to pursue – the outcome of which has had far-reaching effects.

We have protected the rights of prisoners to be free from cruel and inhumane treatment, while working to reduce overreliance on confinement. We have advocated for the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively with their employers. We have stood with brave undocumented farm workers to claim their pay, their rights, their dignity. We have expanded access to affordable housing for hard working families. We have safeguarded our most vulnerable children from abuse and neglect. 

We’re not going anywhere.

The legal community has a critical role to play at this decisive moment. Columbia Legal Services is working closely with our allies in gearing up for the fights ahead in a new era for America, challenging inequality and confronting injustice throughout our state and nation. Our advocates and partners joined Womxn's Marches in cities across the state and we will continue to stand, sit, and march with you for the changes we believe in.

We Imagine Justice thriving in courts that are accessible to all, in jurisdictions where elected officials reflect the diversity and lived experiences of those they represent, and being in solidarity with grassroots communities. In these times I say, as others have - we must stay woke. We must band together as advocates, communities, and workers for justice to bear witness, and to uphold justice.

We Imagine Justice,

Aurora Martin

We've included some photos of events and participants from the University of Washington campus on Inauguration Day and the Womxn's March in Seattle the following day, but by no means intended to comprehensively document these events. We talked with organizers of these events before taking photos and interviewing participants in order to get their permission and to respectfully participate in the events ourselves. Thanks to Alex, and Nate for the photos and video.