Settlement Reached in Hep C Class Action

Columbia Legal Services is pleased to announce a recent settlement in a class action we brought in federal court along with co-counsel Sirianni Youtz Spoonemore and Hamburger and the Center for Health Law & Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School to expand treatment for Washingtonians on Medicaid with Hep C. The Washington Health Care Authority agreed to drop its use of liver fibrosis scores as an eligibility factor for Hep C treatment. Notice about the settlement is being mailed to several hundred class members this week. 

Information about Medicaid Coverage for People with Hep C Para información en español, haga clic [aquí].

There is good news if you have Hep C and:

• Are on Medicaid, or

• Were on Medicaid Guidelines for treatment have changed.

You could get treatment with new highly effective drugs such as Harvoni™ and others. Harvoni™ may or may not be right for you. There are other drugs which may be better for you.

A liver fibrosis score tells how badly a person’s liver has been scarred by Hep C. Under the old guidelines, people with fibrosis scores of F0, F1, and most with F2, could not get treatment with the new drugs. Only people with fibrosis scores of F3 and F4 were approved. As the result of a lawsuit, that has now changed. Fibrosis score does not matter anymore. You cannot be denied treatment because your fibrosis score is too low.

Click here if you are on Medicaid.

Click here if you are on Medicaid now and the state denied you Hep C treatment in the past.

Click here if you are not on Medicaid now, but you have Hep C. 

If you have questions call: 1-800-260-6260 ext. 155. You can leave a message there. Someone will call you back.

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