Systemic and transformational change toward racial justice is not one individual’s endeavor. In the face of injustice we find power in community. There is power in workers coming together to demand health and safety protections to prevent COVID-19 and to protect themselves from excessive heat and smoke. There is collective power at work when kids in custody demand that the state stop throwing them in solitary confinement while handcuffed. There is the power of democracy when we joined together with supporters and allies from all corners of our state to successfully advocate for legislation that ended the practice of suspending drivers licenses for failure to pay a ticket, banned for-profit detention, and removed the decades long prohibition on providing legal aid funding to programs that serve undocumented immigrants.

In this time of divisiveness, we are inspired by the joy we see and experience when we come together towards the common goal of racial justice. We may not always succeed, but we are laying a foundation for our future. We are building on the power generated by our collective efforts to make systemic and transformational change a reality.

I used to think that individuals made change – that there were heroes that led the way. I am learning that the real power is when we connect with each other. Thank you for being part of our community, part of the people fighting for justice, part of a movement that can imagine justice for all. 

Thank you again,

Merf Ehman
Executive Director