¡Sí se Puede! Yes we can! For nearly a half century, this has been a powerful rallying cry that originated from the Farm Worker Movement and is still used today in the ongoing fight for immigrant rights. As we celebrate César Chávez, please join us in recognizing and honoring his contributions and others that continue to fight for dignity, economic justice, and health and safety improvements for farm workers.

Farm workers continue to provide food for our families throughout the pandemic. As essential workers, they have risked their lives to help maintain food source stability for all of us. Without them, our lives would look very differently. Our decades long work supporting essential workers continues today. Recently, we backed Trabajadores Unidos por la Justicia (TUJ), workers in Central Washington trying to unionize for better working conditions. In other advocacy, we continue fighting along side Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ) to ensure workers are being paid correctly.

At CLS, we will continue to support and work alongside community partners like TUJ and FUJ to help protect wages and improve working conditions for farm workers who help our communities thrive.

In Solidarity

Annabell Joya
Engagement & Resource Manager