It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela

Human rights are the foundation of human dignity. Lean in with us at CLS as we recognize Human Rights Day on December 10th. Each year, we recognize this day. Throughout the year we promote the values, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all people in Washington and beyond, to uphold their own rights and support those who are oppressed and furthest from exercising their own human rights. These moral principles – liberation, safety, and expression – set out in the Declaration of Human Rights have throughout history, been guaranteed to some, but not all.

CLS holds ourselves accountable to make human rights a reality in every community. We seek a new normal; one that makes human rights the minimum. We stand with all communities including people that others would leave out of the circle of human concern. Advocates and organizers throughout history have sacrificed for economic, racial, gender, ability, and LGBTQ rights and dignity. We elevate the stories of impacted communities who face unfairness and misguided judgment. They are denied the promise of these rights. Immigration or criminal legal status, racial or gender identity, gender or income level, physical or mental ability, or LGBTQ identity, should not determine someone’s basic human rights.

At CLS, we focus our skills and talents to support people who are incarcerated and undocumented to secure and maintain human dignity. However, our skills and talents are not enough. It takes the whole community working together, it takes trust, and a long-term commitment to equity, dignity and justice for all. We can endure this journey of struggle together.

Join us this Human Rights Day on a journey to re-write a new normal for all.

Travis Andrews
Director of Equity and Community Engagement

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