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Weighing in on Proposed City of Seattle Sweep Rules

CLS is joining SCLC to comment on the City of Seattle's proposed rules on encampment removals. Vague wording in the proposed rules leaves people who are experiencing homelessness vulnerable to removal without protections. More

No New Youth Jail

CLS is joining EPIC (Ending the Prison Industrial Complex) and Smith & Lowney PLLC in the pending appeal of the proposed new youth jail slated to be built in Seattle's Central District. We are following the lead of community based organizations, faith leaders, and concerned individuals to halt construction of the new jail. More

Imagining Justice in 2017

We Imagine Justice thriving in courts accessible to all, in jurisdictions where elected officials reflect the diversity & lived experiences of those they represent, & being in solidarity with grassroots communities. We must band together as advocates, communities, & workers for justice to bear witness, & to uphold justice TW: Photos contain representations of genitalia. More

Eliminating Pesticide Exposure

Pesticide exposure causes farm workers to suffer more chemically-related injuries and illnesses than any other occupational group in the nation. We are representing seven orchard workers alleging they were exposed to pesticides during a crop-dusting application and released a video of farm workers' experiences with pesticide drift More

Affordable Access to Medical Care

Columbia Legal Services works to ensure that Washington families are able to access affordable medical care without falling into financial ruin. One unplanned health emergency should not lead to a devastating cycle of debt.


Settlement Reached in Hep C Class Action


Sustainable Solutions: The Seattle City Council is considering an ordinance, originally drafted by CLS & ACLU-WA, that provides a framework for how the City engages in campsite removals while being more responsive to the needs of people experiencing homelessness and neighborhood concerns. More


1979-1982: After years of inhumane conditions and escalating violence in Washington's largest prison, our advocacy resulted in a ban on torturous isolation cells, improved medical care, and reduced violence and guard brutality at the State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. More