This is a detailed spreadsheet used for a report, Gone But Not Forgotten: The Untold Stories of Jail Deaths in Washington, about the in-custody deaths of hundreds of people behind bars in Washington’s jails. The investigation led to a variety of data including the ages and race of each person and descriptions of the events leading to each death.

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Last NameFirst NameGenderRace/EthnicityJailCause of DeathDescriptionCharge/Reason for IncarcerationAge at DeathDate and Time of DeathDate and Time Entered JailDate of Birth
cowlitz 1unknownFemaleunknownCowlitzSuicideunknown person - cowlitz 1 woman died of suicide by hanging in Cowlitz County Jail. held on 20,000 bail for possession of marijuana and shoplifting. Jail intake says that she was pregnant and had mental health issues and was marked for suicide risk. Yes was also marked for concerns that Corrections staff needs to be aware of.theft 3rd, drugsunk.08/18/05 5:00 p.m.June 4, 2005unk.
franklin 1unknownMaleunknownFranklinillnessdied of diabetic coma after failing to take insulin or other medications for period of time. Neglected by medical staff.unknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
score 1unknownMaleunknownSCOREHeart Attackvery limited information because Redacted Document but appears to be heart attack. there is an indication that medical care was not appropriate. CPR not properly done.unknownunk.January 3, 2016January 1, 2016unk.
spokane 1unknownMalewhiteSpokaneSuicideDied from suicide following hanging in his cell in spokane county jail.federal detainerunk.February 27, 2009February 24, 2009unk.
whatcom 1unknownFemaleunknownWhatcomOverdoseheavily redacted records for unidentified unknown person - whatcom 1 heavily Redacted Document may have been an overdose from Drugs that she smuggled in.failure to appearunk.February 21, 2006February 18, 2006unk.
franklin 2unknownMaleunknownFranklinillnessdied of hyponatremia (drinking too much water). Drank too much water as consequence of either mental health condition and/or medical condition.unknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
score 2unknownMaleunknownSCOREUnknownneed more information because not clear that this person even died.unknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
spokane 2unknownMalewhiteSpokaneSuicidedied as a result of suicide in Spokane County Jail.unknownunk.November 20, 2009November 18, 2009unk.
whatcom 2unknownMaleunknownWhatcomOverdoseheavily Redacted Document and so hard to see whether they could have done anything. he died of overdose within hours of admission to the whatcom county jailfailure to appearunk.07/02/10 3:00 a.m.07/02/10 1:11 a.m.unk.
whatcom 3unknownFemaleunknownWhatcomUnknownheavily Redacted Document without name or any information about death.unknownunk.??/??/12unk.unk.
score 4unknownunknownunknownSCOREOverdoseplaced in restraint at SCORE. Appeared to be under the influence of Drugs may have died as result of excited delirium. died in isolation/solitaryCriminal Trespassingunk.November 10, 2015November 10, 2015unk.
spokane 4unknownMaleafrican americanSpokaneUnknowndeath reported in 13. DOJ Deaths In Custody Report but no indication of cause of DeathMurderunk.September 10, 2011January 6, 2011unk.
whatcom 4unknownMaleunknownWhatcomSuicideunknown person - whatcom 4 whatcom county jail. Died as result of suicide.
post-death investigation indicates that information about person and likelihood of suicide may not have been conveyed from police to whatcom county jail
DVunk.January 30, 2005January 27, 2005unk.
spokane 5unknownMaleunknownSpokaneHeart AttackDied from cardiac event/heart attack, information suggests that had history of cardiac issuesDVunk.March 25, 2012March 20, 2012unk.
spokane 6unknownMalewhiteSpokaneSuicidedied by hanging suicide in spokane county jailDVunk.August 4, 2012July 12, 2012unk.
spokane 7unknownFemalewhiteSpokaneSuicidedied of suicide in spokane county jail. suicide attempt on 12/3/12 died in hospital on 12/16/13DVunk.December 3, 2013October 12, 2013unk.
spokane 8unknownMalewhiteSpokaneillnessdied in hospital after illness. transferred from spokane county jail to hospital on 10/8/14child molestationunk.October 17, 2014May 14, 2014unk.
spokane 9unknownMalewhiteSpokaneHeart Attackdied of acute lymphocytic myocarditis, heart attack while in spokane county jail.DVunk.August 16, 2015July 11, 2015unk.
BoshearsChristina FemaleunknownKitsapDetoxChristina Boshears on Detoxification for Heroin her blood pressure crashed at kitsap county jail and she died at hospital.unknownunk.December 15, 2013December 11, 2013unk.
BreseJack LawrenceMaleunknownCowlitzUnknownUnknown cause of death.unknownunk.July 19, 2015July 16, 2015unk.
BynumSamanthaFemaleunknownSkagitSuicideSamantha Bynum or Samantha Bynum was booked into Skagit County Jail by Anacortes Police Department for an assault in the 4th degree DV. Upon booking, she was intoxicated and placed in an isolation cell. Upon booking, she also stated that she had ovarian cancer but was not taking her medication at that time and only did take it sometimes. Also, she was the subject of two welfare checks prior to her arrest. In her isolation cell, hourly checks were done. On 4/9/2008, Samantha Bynum was found hanging with a bed sheet wrapped around her neck and died as a result of suicide in the Skagit County Jail. Upon being found, it appeared she had been dead already for about 30 minute. There is indication that she may have had previous suicide attempts.Assault 4unk.April 9, 2008April 8, 2008unk.
CampbellMitchell MaleunknownFranklinillnessMitchell Mitchell Campbell was found dead in his cell after a fall. He had been psychotic a few days before and in a restraint chair. his chart indicated that the had a history of mental illness and seizure disorderunknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
ClarkRedactedInmateScore MaleunknownSCOREUnknownunknown cause of deathunknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
CripeBenjaminMaleunknownClarkSuicidedied following hanging in Clark County Jailunknownunk.December 2, 2011unk.unk.
DentonTimothy MichaelMaleunknownYakimaHomicidekilled by other inmate assaultassault 2unk.TBDMarch 8, 2016??/??/1989
DezellemCody MaleunknownOkanoganSuicideCody Dezellem found hanging off a rail in his cell at Okanogan County Jail. He had previously begged his mom to bail him out and stated if she didn't he would commit suicide.Property and Retail Theftunk.February 8, 2011February 5, 2011unk.
EverittJohnMalewhiteSpokaneSuicideJohn Everitt was found dead in his cell of an apparent suicide after an arrest on a 2 yr old theft warrant. died by hangingTheftunk.May 4, 2015May 1, 2015unk.
FisherDanielMaleunknownClarkSuicidedied by hanging in Clark County Jailunknownunk.February 27, 2016unk.unk.
GillenAnthony LeeMalewhiteWalla Wallaillnessunknown cause of deathDUIunk.12/26/11 5:00 a.m.12/25/11 7:35 p.m.unk.
GonzalezGarciaMalelatinoOkanoganWithdrawalGarcia Gonzalez was found dead in his call at Okanogan County Jail. The cause of death was not apparent, possibly a result of withdrawal from Drugs. Most likely not a suicide. Garcia Gonzalez was booked for the delivery of controlled substances Heroin, methamphetamine, mushrooms, and oxycodone. f Heroin and maybe dehydration - he continuously made himself throw up and did not eat or drink.Delivery of Controlled Substanceunk.October 21, 2014October 18, 2014unk.
GrimalSergio MayolMalelatinoSkagitUnknowndied in Skagit County Jail from unknown cause of deathunknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
HawthorneJoshuaMalewhiteKittitasSuicideHawthorne was in Ferry County Jail when he committed suicide by hanging. He had locked himself in a bathroom and it was over 30 minutes before the other inmate workers noticed and were able to tell the guards. Medics came and supplemented the offficer's CPR but he ended up dying. An autopsy was not preformed.DUIunk.01/17/10 6:00 p.m.November 11, 2009unk.
HayesLorenzoMaleafrican americanSpokaneillnessLorenzo Hayes, 37, died of an apparent cardiac arrest while wrestling with officers in the booking area of spokane county jail. 13. DOJ Deaths In Custody Report says that he died due to "aspiration of vomitus" excited deliriumDVunk.May 13, 2015April 23, 2015unk.
Hutton, Jr.Donald LawrenceMaleunknownPierceillnessDonald Lawrence Hutton Jr. was arrested on 8/17/07 with a reported drug problem. He had reportedly been seeing medical officer every day until 8/20/07 when he refused a blood pressure test. He was found unresponsive shortly after and was pronounced dead. Information about inmatePossessionunk.August 20, 2007August 17, 2007unk.
JeffersonShannonFemaleunknownWhatcomSuicideShannon Jefferson was found hanging in her isolation/solitary cell. She had a history of suicide and drug use.Assault 4unk.03/10/14 1:15 p.m.February 26, 2014unk.
JohnsonJimi LeeMalenative americanMasonSuicideJimi Lee Johnson found dead by suicide hanging in mason county jail.Failed registration as a sex offendunk.April 23, 2013unk.unk.
KuanoniCameronMalepacific islanderCowlitzSuicideKuanoni was involved in a fight on the day of his death with another inmate. He was then placed in a private cell. He was found hanging from his bed frame. Claims indicate that he was neglected the proper treatment and Medical attention for withdrawal of narcotic use and suicide.Assault 4unk.February 3, 2014January 31, 2014unk.
LairRobert IkeMalewhiteYakimaillnessRobert Ike Lair was booked into YakimaCityJail for DWLS 1st degree. His medical questionnaire indicated he did not have heart issues but was suffering from anxiety and depression. He was last seen alive at 1200 when fed lunch. Inmates rang the emergency bell around 226 saying Lair was unresponsive. He was transported to hospital. Individuals inside the jail indicated that he had not been eating. His wife indicated that he had recently relapsed on Heroin and she believed he was going through withdrawal symptoms.unknownunk.October 26, 2015September 24, 2015February 21, 1965
littrellJamesMaleunknownSkagitUnknownunknown cause of deathunknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
LynchMychealMaleunknownClarkOverdosedied in Clark County Jail. Withdrawal and excited delirium may have played roles in his death.unknownunk.March 22, 2015unk.unk.
McBrideGregoryMaleunknownIsland County JailWithdrawalGregory Gregory McBride died of Cirrhosis in Island County Jail from dehydration and diarrhea. He had an "acute methamphetamine intoxication" even four days after being booked in jail. Gregory McBride was being held for driving without a license. He needed more medical officer help than Island County Jail provided.Driving With License suspendedunk.January 26, 2014January 22, 2014unk.
MendoncaMalewhiteKlickitatSuicidedied by suicide in Klickitat County Jailunknownunk.unk.unk.unk.
MillionRobynFemaleunknownBentonUnknownunknown cause of deathunknownunk.March 13, 2013unk.unk.
SappJames MaleunknownClarkSuicidedied in hospital after hanging in Clark County Jailunknownunk.July 18, 2014unk.unk.
SmailRonaldMaleunknownKingillnessRonald Smail collapsed and died in his cell.DUIunk.08/??/10unk.unk.
StarkTravisMalewhiteSCOREOverdoseTravis Stark died of severe Alcohol intoxication at Score County JailDUIunk.08/12/15 5:11 p.m.08/11/15 2:18 p.m.unk.
StewartSophiaFemaleunknownOkanoganSuicideSophia Stewart found unresponsive hanging in her cell in Okanogan County Jail. She was then transported to Mid-Valley hospital where she was pronounced dead. There were no previous signs of suicide leading up to this. Other inmates thought her to be on methamphetamine while committing suicide. She claimed before committing suicide " I should just hang myself".Burglaryunk.July 30, 2013unk.unk.
WestlingAndrewMaleunknownNisquallyUnknownNo information or documentsbilligerent behaviorunk.April 12, 2016unk.unk.
BeginesTorben TyMaleunknownSpokaneUnknownTorben Ty Begines was booked on attempted burglary charges on 10/3/06. He was discovered deceased in Spokane Corrections shortly after 2 am, he had returned to the center midafternoon on 11/6/06. His cell mates indicated that he had been acting strangely during the evening of 11/6/06. autopsy revealed no injuries or other evidence leaving cause of death unknown. He is one of three individuals that Spokane autopsy was unable to ID cause of death for.Burglary1811/07/06 2:00 a.m.October 3, 2006unk.
MorenoMarc AnthonyMalelatinoBentonWithdrawalMarc Anthony Moreno was booked into benton county jail on March 3rd, 2016. He stayed in a single person, suicide watch cell for 8 days, was checked on many times, and was mentally evaluated twice a day until he was found dead on March 11, 2016 at the age of 18. His death could have been connected to a complication from his mental illness that affected his heart. His family claimed he was bipolar and suffering from schizophrenia. After making suicidal threats, he was placed in a padded cell. Prior to his arrest, Marc Anthony Moreno was simply looking to book himself into a mental care facility, as he was struggling. After being denied, he tried new places and eventually got transferred somewhere. He appeared to get aggressive and this is when the police were called and he lunged at them. Marc Anthony Moreno was arrested on misdemeanor warrants. Death report indicates he was uncooperative at the jail but the official log says he was semi cooperative and was placed in a restraint chair. Guards later found Marc Anthony Moreno laying on his side, dead. Marc Anthony Moreno cause of death was due to dehydration and cardiac arrhythmia.warrant hold1803/11/15 7:00 a.m.March 3, 2015March 14, 1997
MurrayWilliam VMalenative americanYakimaSuicideWilliam V Murray was diagnosed with conduct disorder, ADHD, borderline traits with history of major depression. He had a long list of prior suicide attempts and thoughts. One of his constant symptoms included self-mutilation and impulsive behavior. Numerous reports indicated that he was suicidal and constantly asking staff to get a cell mate to help him deal with being in the hole. He was arrested for trying to commit suicide by lighting fire all around him. He was booked on charges of arson but arresting officer said he was suicidal. On 3/27/08 he told the mental health professional staffs that he wanted to "kill himself." He continued to express suicidal statements numerous times in the months that followed. Other inmates were contacting staff before his death indicating that they were worried he would kill himself. He submitted kites to the chaplain indicating that he was having doubts in his mind that won't go away and was questioning about God. During his months in jail he was having gang-related troubles that caused many assaults on him and others to occur from pressures. Murray had been reaching out to staff explaining these issues and situations. He also indicated that he was scared since all the gang members in his unit were calling him a snitch since he agreed to 21 months in prison. He indicated that they told him that he would never get out of prison alive. He made a call and had been crying/ observed as very depressed post call. He was reportedly last checked on at 2119. Supposedly only about 30 minutes later he was found hanging and pronounced dead at 2224. Inmates indicated that Murrays room was never checked on and that he was probably already dead the first time they came around and claimed to check on him. The investigators claimed that they found nothing that was done wrong in handling this case.arson19October 2, 2008March 13, 2008July 1, 1989
Nelson-MartinezTravis A.MalelatinoSnohomishSuicideTravis A. Nelson-Martinez died from suicide by hanging in snohomish county jailCriminal Trespassing1910/09/14 11:30 p.m.October 2, 2014TBD
ShawTyler MalewhiteAsotinuse of forcedied in asotin county jail after being tazered taser and restraint chairassault 21911/25/05 1:12 p.m.November 9, 2005July 29, 1986
Arruda, IIJohn LeeMalewhiteKitsapSuicideJohn Lee Aruda was booked into Kitsap County Jail on August 13th 2010. He was booked answering "yes" to 6 questions on the suicide questionnaire, protocol was to notify shift supervisor immediately but the Sgt. on duty denied ever receiving anything, and the original copy was never found. He was housed in a cell alone and hung himself by the top bunk. When he was found he was unresponsive but had a pulse and was transported to Harrison Hospital. When he was here he then was released from custody and transported to Harborview where he was declared dead within a few days. Arruda's father and mother adamantly claim that they told the arresting officers that their son was suicidal and his history shows multiple attempts. They were promised that he would be on 72 hour watch but this never happened. Arruda's father indicated that he would be taking legal action.Burglary2008/17/10 12:15 a.m.08/13/10 2:07 p.m.September 29, 1989
JohnAmelia RaeFemaleunknownSkagitSuicideAmelia Rae John was found in her cell after a suicide attempt in the Skagit County Jail. She still had a pulse upon finding her so she was transported by ambulance to the hospital where she died. She was in withdrawal upon arrival to the jail and therefore was placed in the single cell.unknown20November 17, 2013November 15, 2013August 3, 1993
snohomish 3unknownMaleunknownSnohomishSuicideunknown person - snohomish 2 died in snohomish county jail as a result of suicide by hangingwarrant hold21August 2, 2014unk.unk.
CorcolesCheril AFemalewhiteYakimaSuicideCheril A Corcoles was in mental health housing when she died from suicide.DV21December 15, 2015December 3, 2015January 25, 1973
MoralesJesse A MalelatinoChelanillnessDOJ death of inmate report indicated that Jesse A Morales died in Chelan County Jail. Only information provided indicated that he died from excited delirium.unknown21June 29, 2013June 27, 2013September 17, 1991
BushDaniel D.MaleunknownClarkillnessDaniel Bush was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail on 1/13/14. During booking, he informed the officer that he was suffering from back pain and indicated that he was being prescribed medications for nausea, anxiety and back pain. The next day he complained of chronic pain and requested ibuprofen along with his regular medications that his family had dropped off for him. The doctor denied the request for his regular medications. On 1/15/14, Bush complained to medical staff of shortness of breath, achy bones and a sharp pain in his ribs. He was unable to move or life his arms, and then he fell on the floor. Later, he was able to get up and walk to his cell. On 1/16/14 he was seen by a mental health clinician and reported he had a chest injury, depression, anxiety and that he missed his family. The clinician dismissed the complaints and said they were just manipulative behaviors and that Bush was "okay." Later that day, jail staff placed him in a restraint chair in his cell in response to a threat of self-harm. When medical staff arrived, they found him unresponsive and with blood on his face. He responded to ammonia but passed out again right away before responding a second time. Later on, the jail received Bush's medical records showing he had an addiction to Heroin and they placed him on a Detoxification protocol.

On 1/18/14, he complained to medical staff that he had chest pain and difficult breathing when sitting up. He said his left breast felt like "pins and needles." Later that night he experienced severe back pain, was coughing up blood and saying his lungs hurt while sweating profusely. The next morning jail staff found him screaming in his cell because of pain while inhaling. The clinician noted that he had blood in the back of his throat and that staff should "continue to monitor." During another visit, the clinician noted he had "diminished sound in his lower lobes, but that his blood pressure and blood oxygenation were normal."

At 5:22 am on 1/20/15, staff found Bush in his cell unresponsive. He was declared dead in his cell. Medical examiner found that he suffered from bilateral pneumonia and a staph infection which likely led to sepsis.
unknown2201/20/14 5:22 a.m.January 13, 2014TBD
MillerJesseMaleunknownClarkSuicidedied by hanging in Clark County JailBurglary22March 6, 2007November 18, 2006August 10, 1984
saffiotimichael MaleunknownSnohomishillnessmichael saffioti died in snohomish county jail as result of an allergic reaction to dairy that he ate there. family settled with county after his death.drugs22July 3, 2012July 2, 2012TBD
SheaMichaelMaleunknownBentonSuicideAlexa Entry:Michael Shea or "Michael Shea" had many domestic violence and assault charges and he had threatened to kill his girlfriend in the heat of an argument. A woman named Rosa, who was his girlfriend had requested a restraining order against Michael Shea. Michael Shea claimed that he was fighting Rosa but also fighting his "inner demons". This sequence of events resulted in the arrest of Michael Shea and his booking into Benton County Jail on 2/27/2015. Upon his booking, Michael Shea indicated no signs that he was suicidal. Michael Shea had no previous indications of wanting to commit suicide but it was later found in other booking reports he had previously attempted suicide in '14 and '12. In addition, a worker who claimed to have seen Michael Shea many times said that he had tried to commit suicide 10-11 times previously. Lastly, someone who had previously lived with Michael Shea claimed that they removed all the guns from their home because he had threatened to kill himself.
Michael Shea might have been "down" or already dead for 50 minutes before anyone found him. The last recorded check was a medical check which occurred around 2219 hours and the medical officer who did the check claimed "nothing seemed out of the ordinary". On this day, Michael Shea was found deceased in his cell in Benton County Jail at approximately 2240 hours. In order to cover his suicide, Michael Shea used regular privacy tactics, like placing a towel over his cell window. A toxicology report that occurred later showed that there were no signs of toxins after death in Benton County Jail.
Assault 42202/27/15 11:05 p.m.February 27, 2015June 7, 1992
GravesDustin M. MaleunknownClarkSuicideDustin M. Graves was booked into Clark County Jail for assault 2 DV, unlawful imprisonment and reckless endangerment DV. Dustin M. Graves commit suicide by hanging and died from asphyxia.assault 223April 22, 2016TBDTBD
KellyAaron DericoMaleafrican americanKentSuicideAaron Derico Kelly was an out of custody inmate who was on work release. He had a long record of disciplinary issues within the jail and during work release. He was later observed by a police officer to be dancing in the road, was detained and arrested for a warrant. He admitted to using Heroin and methamphetamines during booking. bail was originally set at 250 but later increased to 5000.00 after methamphetamine was found in his wallet during a random property audit. He was placed in lockdown with no hour break due to using foul language with an officer. He was found hanging in his cell. He was transported to hospital where he died the next day. He committed suicide within four days of being arrested.drugs23January 17, 201601/13/16 1:00 a.m.April 25, 1992
MillerMalewhiteBentonOverdoseBenjamin Miller or Benjamin Allen Miller was pulled over in a car with three other men. While being pulled over, some of the men were smoking in the back of the car. The officer stated that the driver (named Jimmy) claimed to have not known any of his passengers. Before the men were taken to Benton County Jail, the car was searched and the police seized a small digital scale (possibly for measuring Drugs) and an open vodka "fifth" bottle. Benjamin Allen Miller was arrested and taken into custody at Benton County Jail for a warrant and for being a suspect in a shooting. Later during the arrest, a police dog was released on Benjamin Allen Miller and he had to be taken to the hospital to tend to the wounds. Prior to his arrest, Benjamin Allen Miller was found hiding from the cops in a house; this activity seemed to replicate previous involvement in illegal activity. During his booking, Benjamin Allen Miller stated he did not take any Drugs the night of his arrest. Additionally, officers asked him if he was high and Benjamin Allen Miller responded "What do you think?". The first night in custody, Benjamin Allen Miller was very compliant and very tired. When he awoke the morning, he started to have strange occurrences like seizures, shaking, and slurring. Eventually, Benjamin Allen Miller was foaming at his mouth and was asked if he had taken any methamphetamines, to which he responded in a mumbled fashion, "yes". Another inmate claimed that Benjamin Allen Miller was acting strange, standing over the toilet for an hour then went to lay down where he started to shake and sweat and saying the words "cheese" and "fish", meaning crystal methamphetamines. In addition, one of Benjamin Allen Miller's friends named James was with him when they were arrested for stealing the car. James claimed he might have eaten something like a plastic baggy full of methamphetamines but didn't know how much or what it was exactly. Another friend claimed that while Benjamin Allen Miller normally smokes methamphetamines, he didn't smoke any that day. Later, Benjamin Allen Miller's autopsy proved to find a piece of tied plastic in his small intestines but there was no sign of a stroke or anything else.
It was noted that while the officers only have to check on the inmates every 59 minutes, Benjamin Allen Miller was checked more frequently than that. Benjamin Allen Miller was found shaking in the recovery room at Benton County Jail. Other inmates who were interviewed assumed Benjamin Allen Miller had overdosed on methamphetamines. CPR was administered but during that time, no breath was ever recorded. He eventually died after being transported to a hospital less than 24 hours after first arriving in Benton County Jail.
unknown2306/12/08 8:37 a.m.June 11, 2008November 12, 1984
DowLeeMalewhiteClarkSuicidedied by hanging in Clark County Jailunknown2407/07/12 12:30 a.m.April 24, 2012July 28, 1987
kronbergerlindsayFemaleunknownSnohomishWithdrawallindsay kronberger died as result of Heroin withdrawal Detoxification. she died of a heart attack brought on by dehydration caused by DetoxificationDV24January 13, 2014January 7, 2014TBD
snohomish 2unknownMaleSnohomishUnknownunknown person - snohomish 2 dies in snohomish county jail from unknown causeunknown2508/??/09TBDTBD
BonatoMatthewMalewhiteYakimaSuicideMatthew Bonato was booked into YakimaCountyJail on 1/23/2005 on multiple counts of assault, specifically on his girlfriend Allison. He threatened to kill her with a knife. He has had a long history of depression and suicide attempts. Matthew Bonato was booked into the jail and had multiple issues with the guards, violence and uncooperativeness leading to things like placing him in a padded cell, stitches in the head, and being peppersprayed. Months later, officers found him hanging in his cell and no one seems to know how long he was hanging for. He was rushed to the hospital where he was later declared dead on 7/22/2005.Assault 425July 21, 200501/23/05 7:11 p.m.May 11, 1980
FarrisKeatonMalewhiteIsland County JailillnessKeaton Farris found dead in his cell in Island County Jail. Died of dehydration and malnutrition due to the jail not providing adequate resources. Originally booked for second degree identity theft, after a reported stolen check had been forged and cashed at a bank.Identity theft25April 8, 2015March 26, 2015June 6, 1989
BrowneThomas WalkerMalewhitePierceSuicideThomas Walker Browne was arrested on drug charges. The night before he hung himself he had described committing murder and leaving a body in a car and discussed death with other inmates. correctional officer's checked on him at around 2am and found him sitting in the bathroom but did not check on him. When correctional officer's checked back almost an hour later he was hanging from the stall in the bathroom. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Medical Examiner indicated the manner of death was suicide. His mother expressed concerns prior to his death calling the jail indicating he needed to take his medication and that she was worried about his safety.unknown2604/02/08 2:50 a.m.TBDJuly 12, 1981
MorganStephen LeeMalewhiteBentonSuicideStephen Lee Morgan was arrested into benton county jail for assault in the second degree on 8/27/14. Once there, he displayed minimal problems, only one incident of him being loud and disturbing the other inmates in his POD, leading to him being moved to a single cell. Stephen Lee Morgan was in the single cell for a short time before he committed suicide by hanging from a bed sheet in between hourly cell checks. medical officer procedures were immediately taken and he eventually died in Trios hospital on the 30th of August, 2014.assault 226August 30, 2014August 27, 2014September 24, 1987
MorrowZachary MaleunknownClarkSuicideOn February 13, 12 Zachary Morrow reported being raped by his cell mate. An official case was made after he called PREA the day before he committed suicide.Theft2602/24/12 6:47 p.m.February 8, 2012August 2, 1985
BurrisBrandon DeanMalewhiteKing - RJCDetoxOn 4/30/15 Brandon Burris was taken to HMC and cleared by Medical staff before returning to the jail. On 5/1/15 he was found unresponsive in his cell, after officer claimed to be conducting regular checks. Life saving measures were performed and Medic One declared him dead by 7:11pm. Inmate witnesses described that he had been ringing emergency bell for two days, that the officers on duty were not performing their checks, and that inmates were not receiving the Medical care they need. Medical Examiners report indicated that cause of death was dehydration from opiate withdrawal with vomiting and diarrhea due to chronic drug use.drugs2705/01/15 7:11 p.m.04/28/15 2:53 a.m.January 29, 1988
CampbellMathew CMalewhiteYakimaOverdoseMathew C Campbell was found in lockdown having a possible seizure, had no pulse and was shortly pronounced dead after life saving measures were performed. The investigation indicated that Campbell may have taken Drugs smuggled into the jail by his cellmate. Corner's report indicated that cause of death was myocardial infraction and oxycodone overdose.unknown2709/29/11 12:51 p.m.TBDAugust 27, 1984
CarverHeidi Kay FemalewhiteKingDetoxHeidi Kay Carver was booked into King County Corrections at approximately 2356 hours on 9/18/2012 with charges on a DV assault. During the booking, it was determined that she was withdrawing from various Drugs, had attempted to commit suicide in the past, and was currently suicidal. While in a cell with others, she was experiencing Detoxification symptoms that were apparently "disturbing everyone in the group", prompting her removal and placement into isolation. She was being treated for some condition in jail, but at one point, she refused her medications. On 9/20/12, she was found unresponsive in her cell and was in medical distress. Life saving measures were attempted and she was transported to Harborview Medical Center. She stayed in HMC for approximately 6 days and was pronounced dead on 9/27/2012.DV2709/26/12 5:37 p.m.September 18, 2012May 19, 1985
lasonlyndseyFemaleunknownSnohomishillnesslyndsey lason died in snohomish county jail from undiagnosed, untreated lung infection. snohomish county jail settled case after her death for $1.5 million.drugs27December 21, 2011unk.unk.
TotusSheena RFemalenative americanYakimaSuicideOn DOJ death of inmate report. unknown suicide.DUI27October 9, 2012October 5, 2012December 22, 1984
WatkinsSara JoyceFemalewhitePierceHeart AttackSara Watkins died of natural causes from dilated cardiomyopathy.probation violation27September 2, 201509/01/15 12:10 a.m.December 6, 1987
AsanachescuMariusMalewhiteClarkuse of forceMarius Asanachescu was asphyxiated by guards during a use of force incident at the Clark correctional officer. jail. He was diagnosed as bipolar and at the time of his death was awaiting transport to Western State Hospital for a mental competency evaluation. Although he had a long history of mental health problems he waited at least a week before being given his mental health medications. By his 3rd day in jail he reported suicidality and was put in a suicide smock in a solitary cell on suicide watch. He was put in a restraint chair several times before his death. The incident which led to his death began when he was self-harming. He banged his head on the floor and the cell door. He died during a struggle with guards trying to force him into a restraint chair. He was tased, and when guards couldn't get him into the chair they pinned him on the floor and he died from asphyxia. His parents filed a civil suit in USDC WDWA. They settled against Clark correctional officer. for $700,000. His lawyer said that if he had been given his mental health medications as needed the whole restraint incident would not have been necessary.assault 228February 10, 2012January 30, 2012July 13, 1983
BorelisJenny LynnFemaleunknownCowlitzillnessJenny Lynn Borelis was booked into Cowtliz County Jail on a misdemeanor warrant. Prior to booking she was seen at St. John's Medical Center for a closed head injury and multiple abrasions to face that were received at the time of arrest. The discharge instructions indicated Borelis should be returned to emergency room immediately if severe headache, nausea, vomiting, etc., occurs. During booking Borelis informed the officer that she had hit her head during the arrest and that she would be detoxing from Heroin. She reportedly underwent a neurological examination and was placed on a Detoxification protocol. The physician ordered that she should be receiving continuous care including- observations of fluid intake, multivitamins, vital assessment every 8 hrs. Staff was also ordered to observe Borelis for insomnia, nightmares, hallucinations, anxiety, psychosis, paranoia, muscle spasms + other Heroin Detoxification symptoms. Three days later on 5/15/13, the jail staff notified medical staff that Borelis has fallen off her bunk. They found her lying on the floor complaining of pain. The nurse noted Borelis had a temperature of 102.1, was in a stupor, jumbled speech and vomiting. Nurse verified she was on a Detoxification protocol and noted she would consult the provider for review. At 2:30pm the nurse contacted the physician, and they ordered a urinary analysis for possible urinary tract infection and prescribed Tylenol for fever. At 2:55pm, jail staff called the nurse to Borelis's cell and found her unresponsive and without a pulse. She was then transferred to the hospital and died the next day.misdemeanor warrant28May 16, 2013May 12, 2013TBD
EichSethMalenative americanYakimaSuicidejumped off second tier head first and died while on suicide watch.child rape2804/16/08 7:30 a.m.04/11/08 3:35 p.m.January 17, 1980
JacksonLyndon Baines MalewhitePierceSuicideLyndon Baines Jackson was initially housed in a mental health unit due to possible schizophrenia/ auditory hallucinations. He was being treated for this but requested to be moved to a less restrictive unit which was approved. After meeting with a chaplain he hung himself in his cell. He was transported to the hospital where he died the next morning. A note to his mother was found in is cell indicating that he kept thinking of killing himself.assault 22801/17/15 8:07 a.m.October 26, 2014August 16, 1986
AlvaradoJessica CastillonFemalelatinoSpokaneillnessJessica Castillon Alvarado was found dead in her cell at the age of 29, her cellmate had thought it could have been from Detoxification. .warrant hold29August 13, 2012August 11, 2012August 30, 1982
BrittonChristopher MichaelMaleunknownBentonSuicideAlexa Entry: Christopher Britton or Christopher Michael Britton was taken into custody around 8/4/2012 after his girlfriend's sister called the police reporting his attempts at suicide. Upon being booked into Benton County Jail, Christopher Michael Britton lied to the intake workers, stating his name was Curtis, not Christopher and that he also was not suicidal. Despite this, even on the way to the jail, Christopher Michael Britton attempted to commit suicide in the back of the police car by wrapping the seat belt around his neck. After this, he persistently gave threats of self-harm while in custody and therefore was forced to be naked in a restraint chair and was being checked on every 15 minutes. He had multiple bandages and constantly tampered with them. In his safety cell, Christopher Michael Britton refused to eat multiple time despite the officers and mental health nurse saying it would be best for him. While he was in his safety cell, a couple of officers noted that they refrained from giving a full check to Christopher Michael Britton because they could see from the window of his cell that he was staring through the window standing still and with his eyes open. It seems that his desire for suicide came from his multiple allegations and reports of his sexual child abuse within the past months and years. There was much suspicion that he had issues with child sex crimes in addition to his previous incarcerations for level arrests. Phone calls from the jail between Christopher Michael Britton and possibly his family, two women were on the phone trying to convince him not to commit suicide and that they are not able to let the kids talk to him because otherwise they will be taken away. During his time at Benton County Jail, Christopher Michael Britton requested a "mental health bed" and was waiting on a call from the mental health department.
Christopher Michael Britton hung himself with a "suicide safety blanket". Officers found Christopher Michael Britton in his safety cell in Benton County Jail unresponsive.
unknown2908/06/12 7:38 p.m.August 4, 2012November 18, 1982
CulpKevin T.Maleafrican americanBentonillnessCulp was transferred to Benton County Jail from Spokane correctional facility as a contract inmate, while jailed in Spokane it was noted he suffered from seizures and they ordered medicine for him. It did not arrive before he was transferred to the Benton County Jail. When he arrived there he completed a medical intake form, but due to it being after hours on Friday, no medicine was available until Monday. Culp suffered what they believed was a seizure on Saturday night, was then moved into an individual cell where he could be more closely monitored. He was checked on by jail staff the following day and requested to be returned to main pod, this was denied and they moved him to a medical isolation cell to further monitor his medical status. On Monday at 1120am he was observed on the floor skidding around with a "1000 years stare on his face." The correctional officer on duty called for the nurses as he believed Culp was having a seizure. While a nurse was trying to check Culp's vitals he was swatting at her trying to keep her from checking on him. Culp became combative after the nurse used smelling salts on him. More correctional officer's came and attempted to control him. When they could not do this he was tased two times, with the first shock reportedly not having any effect on him. At this point they called for a restraint chair and while carrying him out of the cell face down they dropped him and caused him to hit his head against the ground. After getting back up, Culp was then secured in the restraint chair. In addition to the normal restraints they added a "seatbelt" restraint to restrict his waist from moving. He was wheeled out and left alone in a room. Some amount of time later when a correctional officer checked on him, they realized he was unresponsive. First aid and medical were called and he was transported to Kadlec medical center where he died. The autopsy for Culp was found to be asphyxia in a restraint chair as a result of tonic-clonic seizure. A contributing factor was the recent dis-continuation of anti-convulsion medication. The manner of death was ruled an "accident."parole violation29December 25, 2012December 14, 2012June 28, 1983
DealStephanieFemaleunknownCowlitzWithdrawalOn 8/3/13 Stephanie Deal was booked into Cowlitz County Jail. On 8/4/13 she submitted a sick request claiming she was detoxing from Heroin and methamphetamine. She was put on a Detoxification protocol. On 8/6/13 she was having symptoms of withdrawal and was found unresponsive on multiple occasions with stomach problems. On 8/7/13 the doctor noted she had acute Heroin withdrawal and ordered the protocol be continued. On 8/10/13 when a nurse checked on Deal she found her slurring her words, and had difficulty finding a pulse. She noted that her mental status had changed significantly. An ambulance was called and when they arrived she was able to answer questions with slurred speech. She was put on a gurney and vomited face up. They did not have a suction unit available. She then suffered a cardiac arrest and lost consciousness. She was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.unknown29August 10, 2013August 3, 2013TBD
PayneMalewhiteKingSuicideGeorge Frederick Payne was in custody of King County Jail- Downtown for violation of his work release conditions. He was being held in a holding cell in the courthouse pending a court proceeding. He grabbed a chair from the common area and broke the window with it. He crawled out the window and jumped from a 7 story window to his death.Felony Harrasment2911/30/10 11:15 a.m.10/11/10 8:20 a.m.January 28, 1981
Ramirez-RoqueJoseMalelatinoBentonHeart Attack29 yo Jose Ramirez-Roque died of an enlarged heart during a regular exercise routine.unknown2909/20/14 5:32 p.m.unk.March 9, 1985
TilletDjalmaMaleafrican americanKingSuicideDjalma Tillet was booked into King County Jail on 7/24/12. He was found in his cell with a plastic bag over his head secured with a bed sheet. He was transferred to HMC where he was pronounced dead. Cause of death was listed as asphyxiation, manner of death was suicide.assault 12910/03/12 12:34 a.m.July 24, 2012TBD
CloseJames RobertMalewhitePierceSuicideJames Robert Close was classified as violent at time of booking and was placed in a lockdown cell where he hung himself. Booking forms from police department indicated that he was suicidal and needed to be on suicide watch, however, when James Robert Close was questioned and booked he denied being suicidal. James Robert Close had a long history of suicidality with mental health issues (bipolar disorder) and had been previously committed. He died in the hospital after being taken off of life support. A lawsuit was filed by his family according to media reports online. Pierce County settled with James Robert Close's parents for 100,000.robbery3006/19/06 10:00 a.m.06/16/06 11:52 a.m.December 21, 1975
LongDamianMalewhiteYakimaHomicideDamian Long was in YakimaCountyJail where he claimed to have slipped and fell in the shower, bruising his ribs and whole left side of his body. Once he was aware of the life threatening condition he was in, he decided to tell the truth. He was actually beaten by four other inmates after a disagreement about a cellmate. This eventually lead to his death.Murder30August 21, 2007June 21, 2007February 27, 1977
DahlBrandon K.MaleunknownMasonSuicideBrandon Dahl or Brandon K. Dahl was booked into Mason County Jail on 9/13/2015 after hitting a police car and sending two officers to the hospital. He was booked into a cell with seven other inmates where some sort of fight broke out, but Brandon K. Dahl insisted he just fell. He was then transferred to a segregated/isolated cell. He was found hanging in his cell at Mason County Jail when the staff was doing their medication checks around 1930 hours.DUI31September 16, 2015September 13, 2015March 29, 1984
ZambryskiNathan AdamMalewhiteKingillnessNathan Adam Zambryski was booked on 5/3/15 at 1815. On 5/4/15 he was seen by a nurse and given medication. At 1531 a medical status was called indicating that Zambryski was having an apparent seizure. After life saving measures were performed, he was taken to Harborview Medicall Center where he was pronounced dead.Theft3105/04/15 4:51 p.m.05/03/15 6:15 p.m.November 4, 1983
AllenBrittania KieyannaFemaleafrican americanKingOverdoseflu-like symptoms from methadone withdrawal Detoxification Drugs overdose. she was found dead in her cell. may have taken something.assault 132January 31, 2013January 25, 2013April 19, 1980
Elliottjason MaleunknownSnohomishSuicidejason Elliott died as a result of suicidedrugs32December 21, 2011unk.unk.
GoldnerChristopherMalewhiteKingSuicidesuicide by hanging in king county jail - downtown. he had been found cutting wrists month before and recovered a suicide note from his pocket and had said he was feeling depressed in day before suicide. He was infracted for cutting himself.assault 132August 16, 2010March 16, 2010January 21, 1978
GutierrezIsidro BarrigaFemaleunknownBentonUnknownPossibly pregnant and unknown cause of deathunknown32June 18, 2006unk.April 3, 1974
NelsonAmber DawnFemaleunknownWalla WallaillnessAmber Dawn Nelson died in Walla Walla County Jail. autopsy results show that she died of sepsis due to chronic breast and chest wall abscesses. She was found dead in her cell. Her toxicology report did not show any drugs/ medications other than those that were prescribed by medical. She had been in the jail for a about a week and seen by medical during that time period.unknown32September 21, 2014unk.unk.
RobertsonRyan MalewhiteKingSuicideRyan Robertson was arrested for investigation of robbery and booked in King County Corrections. He was found by jail staff during a scheduled security check. He was rushed to HMC after life saving measures were performed where he died. Medical Examiner ruled manner of death as suicide, cause of death listed as anoxic encephalopathy ligature. Committed suicide within two days of being arrested. made threats about withdrawal and needing to get out of jailrobbery32September 20, 2010September 18, 2010October 19, 1977
hollawaycrystalFemaleunknownSnohomishSuicidecrystal hollaway died from hanging in snohomish county jail suicideTheft3309/29/14 4:50 p.m.September 27, 2014unk.
ParkerChristopher J. MalewhiteSpokaneuse of forceChristopher J. Parker, Date entered jail: 2/24/13, Spokane County Jail, DOD: 2/24/13 Christopher Parker was a 33 year old diabetic man who died in spokane county jail in February 2013. On Feb 24, 2013 he called 911 in the early morning claiming he was paranoid, diabetic and had taken meth. Spokane officers arrive and discovered Parker had a warrant for his arrest due to unpaid child support, instead of taking him to the hospital he was arrested with an elevated glucose level. Within a few hours his glucose level continued to climb. In the holding cell he began swaying and holding his head in his hands. The surveillance video shows Parker being moved to the booking desk and then back to the holding cell. He was asked to sit down in the cell but he did not comply. He was then placed in a headlock, shocked with a stun gun (twice according to reports), and moved to a restraint chair. He stopped breathing and became unconscious. Report indicates that the jail staff did not inform dispatch that Parker was unconscious and therefore had to call 911 two times to receive an emergency response. The dispatcher indicated that saying "unconscious male makes a big difference." He died in the hallway of the jail. autopsy ruled the death as a homicide, with cause of death being a meth overdose "with restraint stress." At the time of his death his glucose level was over 2000. Spokane County offered Parker's family 25,000 settlement but they refused and a lawsuit was taken to federal court. (Only media reports, Spokane has not provided any documents relating this case).warrant hold33February 24, 2013February 24, 2013unk.
StewartAnthony W MalewhiteKlickitatSuicideOn 12/10/10 Anthony W Stewart was booked at Klickitat County Jail, had a previous criminal history, and was taken in after a domestic violence call from his home. Anthony W Stewart had various calls throughout his time in jail, to attorneys, to family, etc. When the cops arrived at his home, Anthony W Stewart was missing but later was located at 508 E Broadway where he only admitted to a battle with his wife. Anthony W Stewart was booked into Klickitat County Jail. Prior to his death on 12/20/10, Anthony W Stewart was noted to have been responsive, saying hello, watching tv, etc. However, the last time another inmate saw Anthony W Stewart was at dinner at 16:30 hours (4:30pm) and then he noted that Anthony W Stewart went into his room and shut the door. At lockdown at 23:00 hours, Anthony W Stewart's cell door appeared closed from the outside but a red light indicated it was not closed all the way or properly. The guard at that time stated in an interview that this occurs two or three times a week and the doors get checked throughout the night but may not get checked immediately. At approximately :30 hours, a new guard was walking and checking cells through the windows, until she came upon Anthony W Stewart's cell where she saw him hanging by the door in an "apparent deceased state". They later found a letter from Child Protective Services in the Control Room Area made out to Anthony W Stewart. Anthony W Stewart died by hanging suicide in Klickitat County Jail in his cell. Upon being found at 4:30 hours, Anthony W Stewart was unresponsive and even though medical has responded, Anthony W Stewart was determined to be deceased. Anthony W Stewart was being held for Rape 3, Assault 2 and 3, Unlawful imprisonment, and assault 3.rape33December 20, 2010December 10, 2010March 27, 1977
SukaSuka Malepacific islanderClarkSuicideSuka Suka suicide died after jumping from hospital window after multiple suicide attempts by hanging and jumping off second tier at Clark County Jail. correctional officer was not in room supervising.DV33August 23, 2011August 16, 2011December 1, 1977
DelzerJohn DavidMalewhiteYakimaAccidentJohn David Delzer was booked into Yakima County Jail on assault 3 charges. Due to history of mental health issues and a court order he was sent to Eastern State Hospital for mental health examination. While in this facility he fell during lunch one day and was pronounced dead the next day. Medical examiner indicated he had an internal cranial bleed but autopsy indicated that cause of death was unknown as of 1/26/07.assault 334December 23, 200611/03/06 6:42 p.m.May 4, 1971
DixonDemetriusMaleafrican americanPierceOverdoseDemetrius Dixon was arrested for UPCS, Drugs, resisting arrest and obstructing. He was taken to the hospital by the arresting officer prior to booking for ingesting Heroin, he was cleared and booked. While being processed the jail nurse administered insulin due to high blood sugar. He was kept in the booking cell so that he could be monitored. When he was checked on he was found unresponsive. Death ruled an accident due to acute combined Heroin and cocaine intoxication.drugs3403/03/15 7:46 a.m.03/03/15 4:14 a.m.October 19, 1982
JonesTimothyMalewhiteKingillnessTimothy Jones died as a result of complications from epilepsy. His death was classified as a sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. There are suggestions that his medications may not have been provided in a timely destruction, misdemeanor34April 16, 2012April 9, 2012May 14, 1978
O'GuinnBryceMalewhiteClarkSuicidedied by hanging in Clark County Jail. had been on suicide watch. note says he did not want to go backchild rape34July 4, 2010December 10, 2009April 24, 1976
ParkerGregory M.MalewhiteKingillnessGregory M. Parker was denied booking at King County Corrections because he needed medical officer attention. He was then transported to HMC and was there until he was cleared and was sent back to King County Corrections where he soon after passed away.unknown3408/10/07 4:44 a.m.July 26, 2007February 1, 1973
GoudyJerome IanMaleafrican americanYakimaOverdoseJerome Ian Goudy was in the police car of an officer from YakimaCountyJail when the officer ordered him to get out of the car because he had something in his mouth. In an effort to get him out of the car at the jail, an altercation broke out between the officers and Jerome Ian Goudy and he was resisting heavily. They eventually got him to a restraint chair to find he was still chewing/ingesting what was in his mouth. The officers forced it out of his mouth and Jerome Ian Goudy began to have health problems, seizing and no pulse. Officers and medics cared for him for about 45 minutes before he was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.unknown3506/23/05 4:55 p.m.06/23/05 11:00 a.m.August 20, 1969
MayhughDouglas MalewhiteClarkSuicidedied by suicide by hanging in Clark County Jail. Told others that was feeling depressed and been seen by mental health care, in segregation at time of suicideBurglary3503/30/15 5:23 p.m.03/29/15 4:00 p.m.June 4, 1979
PennDonna F. Femalenative americanenumclaw City JailWithdrawalDonna F. Penn informed correctional officer that she was epileptic and in withdrawal from Alcohol. she died from cardiac arrest following seizure in her bed. there were indications that something was wrong with her.warrant hold3511/03/10 4:20 a.m.November 2, 2010January 9, 1975
PrinceTimothy LawrenceMalewhiteKitsapSuicideDied in kitsap county jail by hanging after number of times in suicide watch. severely mentallly illassault 235January 2, 2015September 22, 2014March 3, 1979
AntillFranklin David MalewhiteKingSuicideFranklin David Antill had been charged with rape, burglary and robbery. He had previous robbery and burglary charges and had also escaped from an Idaho prison where he then kidnapped and raped another woman. During his trial in Seattle he had been acting as his own attorney. During this trial, jail staff searched his cell looking for stolen evidence and about a week before his death found what they thought was Heroin in his cell. Due to this, he was informed that charges would be added onto his case. He had a long history of suicide attempts, had answered yes to suicidal at booking, and had made numerous comments about killing himself during his arrest. When he was found, he had been hanging from a light fixture and had jammed the cell door shut so staff was not able to enter the cell quickly. His death was ruled a suicide and not further investigated. There was uncertainty about whether correct security checks hours prior to his death were being made as they were not correctly recorded but these worries were dismissed by the investigator.rape3607/03/09 2:44 a.m.October 30, 2008May 4, 1973
AybarEric MalewhiteWhatcomSuicideEric Aybar died from suicide after hanging in shower. The Whatcom C0. Sheriff dept. report on their investigation of this date admits that due to overcrowding, poor jail design, and the lack of a separate location for prisoners with mental health problems, and that this suicide was preventable.DV3603/18/14 3:10 a.m.March 16, 2014May 2, 1977
OwensSabrina LynetteFemaleafrican americanKingSuicideSabrina Lynette Owens was booked into King County Corrections jail after she stole a car, tried to flee from her arrest, and ran into another car containing a mother and small son. The two in the other car both suffered injuries and were transported to HMC for medical care. Sabrina Lynette Owens had originally pulled over due to a stolen car report then drove away from the scene, causing the crash. After being pulled over, she claimed she didn't have any ID, which allowed her to drive away. She admitted to this lying later in an interview at the jail. A short time later on that day, Sabrina Lynette Owens was found hanging by a tv chord in her single cell at King County Corrections despite giving no evidence of wanting to commit suicide. A loud scream was let out when Sabrina Lynette Owens was found this way by the officers. Her cellmate confided that Sabrina Lynette Owens had asked if the child in the car she hit was alright. Sabrina Lynette Owens was previously admitted to Harborview officer Medical Center before being arrested, she still had her wristband on, but she claimed to not be suicidal. An officer had originally cut this off but later gathered the wristband for evidence. There were only about 15-20 minutes between the time Sabrina Lynette Owens was checked on and when she was found hanging. She was then transferred to HMC where she was later pronounced dead. All staff at King County Corrections were said to have completed all regular procedures to help avoid the death of Sabrina Lynette Owens.Stolen car and assault36May 11, 2005May 9, 2005July 22, 1968
SimonsenRose FemalewhiteKingHeart AttackRose Simonsen cause of death undetermined. She was initially at Harborview were she received treatment. three days later she was found unresponsive in her jail cell on Aug. 24 2015. She died three days later at Harborview. The medical examiner indicated she died as a result of anoxic brain injury status post cardiopulmonary arrest of undetermined etiology.unknown36August 27, 201508/21/15 4:00 a.m.October 9, 1978
BridgmanMichael ChanceMaleunknownLewisSuicideBridgman was booked for violation of conditions of release from DOC on 04/09/08. On 4/15/08 at 240 a correctional officer took Bridgman to see a mental health counselor. He was escorted back to his cell following this at 3pm. At 425pm he was found hanging by a sheet in his cell. The Memorandum from Lewis County Sheriff's Office indicated that Bridgman was experiencing depression and having a more difficult time dealing with this jail term than others according to his phone calls made days prior to suicide. His death was ruled suicide by ligature hanging.unknown37April 15, 2008April 9, 2008??/??/1971
MooreSean C MalewhiteYakimaSuicidedied by suicide in YakimaCountyJailrape37May 21, 2011October 27, 2010July 5, 1973
SamuelsMongomeryMalenative americanPierceillnessMongomery Samuels was booked for possession of a firearm and assault 1. He had been hospitalized while an inmate, from 03/14/06-04/11/06. He was in the clinic when he asked to sit up; correctional officer's said they would check with medical officer staff, medical officer staff said they would check after lunch. Within a few minutes he was experiencing shallow breathing and emergency was called. He was transported to the hospital where he died of a coronary dx.assault 13704/17/06 1:51 p.m.February 20, 2006April 27, 1968
WardWilliam MalewhiteClarkSuicideWilliam Ward killed himself after threatening to do so for some time by hanging suicide. he was facing a 10 year sentence for Rape of a child. he did not want to go on suicide watch so didn't tell anyone about being suicidalchild rape37October 25, 2009August 25, 2009August 24, 1972
YoungFranklin HopeMalewhiteThurstonSuicideFranklin Hope Young had many ruin-ins with the law prior to his arrest.
HE was found hanging in his cell and died of asphyxia in thurston county jail.
assault 237December 21, 2012December 9, 2012February 15, 1975
HayesLandonMaleSnohomishHeart AttackLandon Hayes died of heart diseaseunlawful imprisonment38April 7, 2010unk.unk.
AndersonTravis CordMalewhiteKingSuicideTravis Cord Anderson was arrested and placed in a single occupancy cell on 12/19/13 in King County Jail-RJC. He informed other inmates it was his "last supper" before being sent back to his cell. He was found just minutes later hanging from a braided sheet that was attached to the vent. Resuscitation was unsuccessful.DV3912/26/13 6:00 p.m.12/19/13 4:42 p.m.February 21, 1974
OneilShariesa RosettaFemaleunknownSpokaneillnessShariesa Rosetta Oneil was arrested on DV assault and DV malicious mischief charged on 11/30/06. Both she and her roommate indicated that she had overdosed on diet pills but was cleared by the hospital and booked. She was woken up after not eating breakfast a few days later. The correctional officer recognized some signs of stroke and laid her down on a mattress in her cell. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after. The autopsy provided no details on her death as results were inconclusive.DV3912/03/06 10:00 a.m.11/30/06 5:45 p.m.unk.
SichiroBenites Saimon MaleunknownSpokaneuse of forceunknown use of forceunknown39January 29, 2006unk.unk.
AckermanAnthony GeneMalewhiteChelanSuicideAnthony Gene Ackerman was in custody at Chelan County Jail where he was placed in isolation at approximately 2100 hours on 11/17/2007. He was placed in isolation apparently for 'mental health problems' and violence towards the corrections staff in Chelan County Jail. Prior to Anthony Gene Ackerman's death, his wife called the jail multiple times and sent in a formal complaint noting that one Leslie Carlson had the ability and records/documents to move Anthony Gene Ackerman to a hospital due to previous suicide attempts but that Leslie would not take the time to look at or consider Anthony Gene Ackerman's medical records. The reason they needed to consider his medical records were that Anthony Gene Ackerman was known to be suicidal from various suicide attempts. During his time leading up to his suicide, Anthony Gene Ackerman was moved from a highly monitored cell to a less frequently monitored cell where he was not checked on for two hours, which then was thought to have prompted his eventual suicide. On 11/18/2007 at approximately 1445 hours was given his last recorded medication, at around 1645, he was unresponsive for his mealtime, which then prompted the entrance into his cell and guards finding him. They found Anthony Gene Ackerman hanging in his cell so they immediately took him down and began to perform CPR, chest compressions, and attaching an Automated External Defibrilator. Several life saving measures were taken to save Anthony Gene Ackerman but at 1711 hours at Central Washington Hospital, he was pronounced dead. This continued until the fire department arrived. After his death, his wife Tracy came to multiple visiting hours and requested many document, she went two weeks in a row and both times they were cancelled.assault 24011/18/07 4:58 p.m.October 23, 2007August 21, 1967
BitzAndrew Mathue MalewhitePierceHeart AttackAndrew Mathue Bitz was known to have heart condition. His medication dosage was changed before his death and he had been asking for the original dosage. The days prior to his death he was not feeling well, and on the day of his birthday he indicated to another inmate he had wanted to die. While playing cards Bitz suffered seizure like symptoms. He was pronounced deceased by Tacoma Fire. autopsy results indicate cause of death was due to cardiac hypertrophy and hypertensive cardiovascular disease along with tracheobronchitis.child molestation4010/21/09 8:26 p.m.07/??/09October 21, 1969
FishDaniel Wolfgang Sr MalewhiteLewisSuicideDaniel Fish was booked into Lewis County Jail on 8/24/10 for several sex offense charges by Morton Police Department. During booking he indicated that he had attempted suicide two years washington attorney generals office while using methamphetamine in a situation where he attempted to have an officer shoot/kill him. He said that he was not currently suicidal but was concerned about being placed in general population for the sex offenses he was being booked on. He was placed in the voluntary protective custody pod. He was last seen alive during dinner when trays were being served. He was found face-down on the bunk with his hands at his sides. He had a blanket around his neck with his face purple. He was pronounced dead on 8/25/10. The autopsy indicated that due to the bone conditions and information provided there was reportedly nothing suspicious about his death and that he died due to asphyxia.child rape40August 25, 2010August 24, 2010January 16, 1970
FlatenSteveMalewhiteBentonillnessSteve Flaten or Steve Flaten was arrested and taken into custody at Benton County Jail and was held for warrants for charges of forgery, theft, and possession of methamphetamines with the intent to deliver. Upon booking, Steve Flaten was 40 years old and was known to have an undisclosed medical condition. It was noted that Steve Flaten was being checked on every 30 minutes in his cell and previously seen medical care earlier that day. Later that day on 6/10/2016 at around 5:30pm and between regular cell checks, Steve Flaten was found unresponsive. After finding him unresponsive, the officers "tried to care" for him before he was announced deceased. A later autopsy showed that there were no signs of physical trauma. The death was said to be a result of frequent health problems among inmates, "not the missteps of police or corrections officers. Steve Flaten was the fourth jail death at Benton County Jail in two years.arson40June 8, 2016June 7, 2016May 19, 1976
LemieuxRobert JamesMalewhitePierceSuicideLemieux was found dead two days after murder conviction. Incident Reports indicated that he was found with medication in his cell that he had been storing. Media report believed he was pretending to take prescription medication in order to store dose big enough to be fatal. He left multiple suicide notes.Murder40May 28, 2005July 21, 2004July 19, 1964
LiesJohn G. MalewhiteGrays Harboruse of forceJohn G. Lies killed by correctional officer during escape attempt while being held at hospital. grays harbor county jailIdentity theft40October 21, 2011unk.March 2, 1971
AtkinsMelinda KayFemaleafrican americanKirkland MunicipalSuicideShe died after hanging herself in a temporary holding cell at Kirkland City jail. She was allowed to keep her belt with her after booking; staff did not require her to change into a jail issued jump suit. She told jail staff she was suicidal at time of booking and had been contemplating suicide before arrest. She was transferred to Evergreen Hospital from the jail and she died there.Assault 44107/29/05 8:10 p.m.07/26/05 1:46 a.m.February 16, 1964
CurtisBlakeMalewhiteThurstonSuicideBlake Curtis or Blake Curtis was booked into Thurston County Jail for drunkenly assaulting a bus driver. He was booked for assault in the 3rd degree and a local warrant for assault in the 4th degree DV. Blake Curtis resisted during arrest and continued resistance while in the intake area at Thurston County Jail. The intake form at Thurston County Jail indicated that he had not had Alcohol prior to his arrest but it was incorrectly filled out because Blake Curtis was intoxicated during booking. While Blake Curtis had no signs of being suicidal, he was extremely drunk and belligerent. Concerns about Blake Curtis's health prompted the nurse to check on him. The nurse looked through a small hole in his cell door and from that determined that he was healthy enough to stay inside of his cell. Later, on 11/25/2011, Blake Curtis jumped headfirst from the top bunk of his cell and died. A passing officer looked inside of his cell and saw he was standing on the top bunk with his toes hanging off. He yelled for him to get down from the bed but instead, Blake Curtis dove head first into the concrete floor. He died on impact.Intoxicated Assault41November 25, 201111/25/11 9:37 p.m.January 18, 1970
HolmesDiana FemalewhiteKingHeart AttackDiana Holmes was booked into King County Jail for investigation of felony domestic violence assault. She was found in her cell in a state of "distress" where her face was blue and she was having problems breathing. The jail transported her to the hospital where she died of an heart attack.DV - no bail4103/26/12 6:19 p.m.March 20, 2012February 21, 1971
KindnessGail HelenFemalenative americanYakimaillnessGail Helen Kindness was arrested under the influence of Heroin at the time of arrest. She was thought to have been in withdrawal from multiple substances. On 8/16/08 her emergency light was set off and she was found on the floor having an apparent seizure. An inmate started CPR and was providing help while jail staff watched. Nurse ran out to get oxygen without assisting Gail. Inmates report that Gail had been consistently requesting Medical attention but was consistently denied or ignored. When correctional officer's did come to take her to clinic, she was unable to move and they considered that a refusal for Medical attention. After life saving measures were performed, she was declared dead after being transported to the hospital.prostitution4108/16/08 10:36 p.m.08/14/08 5:50 a.m.August 9, 1967
mooreleon benjaminMaleunknownSnohomishOverdoseleon benjamin moore died of methamphetamine overdose in snohomish county jailDUI4102/28/13 10:30 a.m.February 26, 2013unk.
StrohClaytonMalewhiteFranklinSuicidedied by hanging in franklin county jailDelivery of Controlled Substance41September 6, 2015September 4, 2015??/??/1974
AdlerChristopher DMalewhiteKentillnessChristopher Adler was booked into Kent City Jail on 9/6/14 for possession. He was exhibiting extreme symptoms of withdrawal and was unable to stand for count when required to. At one point he fell off of the bed after an officer insisted he get up for count. He reportedly denied his medication but was checked on and chest movement could be seen. An inmate alerted the correctional officer after Adler didn't look like he moved since lunch was delivered. He was pronounced dead on 9/10/14 at 1252pm, cause of death was indicated unknown per autopsy. Toxicology report indicated a non-lethal level of methadone in his system.Possession42September 10, 201409/06/14 9:45 p.m.January 10, 1972
bradfordMelissa leeFemalenative americanSnohomishillnessmelissa lee bradford died of liver failure in snohomish county jail as a result of severe Alcohol abuseDV42May 22, 2014unk.unk.
BurgoonJohnMalewhiteClarkSuicidedied by hanging in Clark County Jail while in segregationunknown42March 2, 2007unk.February 24, 1970
KnightSandraFemalewhiteYakimaSuicideSandra Knight was moved to isolation/solitary due to "anti-social behavior." She was scheduled to see mental health but was unable to make it due to a scheduled court time. She activated the emergency button at least two dozen times the morning of her death indicating that she did not want to be in solitary. She was supposedly last checked on 10 minutes before an inmate casually asked the officer at the desk if he had seen "that woman hanging." Her Medical records indicate that she had previously attempted suicide and had some mental health issues. She died in the hospital after family decided to take her off of life support.prostitution42November 8, 200711/01/07 5:30 p.m.September 15, 1964
RahierShawnMalewhiteClarkSuicidedied by hanging in the Clark County Jailunknown42July 1, 2012June 30, 2012February 27, 1970
ScovellLauraFemalewhiteKingillnessLaura Scovell was taken to HMC upon arrest and cleared to be booked into King County Jail- RJC. She was found by staff during a routine security check. Life saving measures were performed and she was pronounced dead at 0940am.DOC detainer4209/20/10 9:40 a.m.September 5, 2010January 20, 1968
SeelaRoger DennisMalenative americanKingillnessRoger Seela was charged with murder 2. He had been taken to Harborview medical Center several times over a long period of time and was diagnosed with cancer. He was admitted to HMC for his final days. He was allowed visitors and a last rights native American ceremony. He signed a DNR and cause of death was metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma.Murder42November 30, 2014April 2, 2014January 21, 1972
TylerMicah Eugene Maleafrican americanPierceSuicideMicah Tyler was booked with a preexisting medical condition that required him to have a dialysis port in arm as well as bi-polar affective disorder. Upon booking he complained to jail staff that he was concerned he would bleed out, he was sent to the clinic and the issue was treated, he was then treated twice in a two day span. He was kept on suicide watch until 11/27/11, Three days after being taken off of suicide watch he activated the emergency call button in his cell and was found with blood squirting out of his arm. He died in the hospital from blood loss.assault 242November 30, 2011November 8, 2011August 6, 1969
CooperDonaldMalewhiteStevensHeart Attackdied from what appears heart disease/attackprobation violation43May 28, 2009October 19, 2008November 15, 1965
DugginsDion DevilleMaleafrican americanKingHeart AttackDion Deville Duggins was arrested by SPD for a DOC felony warrant for a community custody violation. He was housed in a single occupancy cell due to his previous aggressive behavior. He had a long history of other arrests for drug use/possession/sale and assault charges. Staff reports that he had accepted dinner and was responsive during a routine check at 1805. He was found when a correctional officer did a random check at 1841 where he was found unresponsive lodged between the bunk and the wall. He was pronounced dead on the scene. autopsy indicated that cause of death was atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, with diabetes mellitus being a contributing condition, manner of death natural.warrant hold4306/24/14 7:19 p.m.June 23, 2014July 4, 1970
HicksRonaldMaleafrican americanKingillnessRonald Hicks was found in a state of rigor mortis, cold to the touch and without a pulse by correctional officer's during breakfast serving. Life saving measures were briefly initiated before the nurse pronounced him dead. He went to bed reportedly earlier than usual and told his cellmate that he was not feeling well.unknown43July 26, 2005June 25, 2004June 28, 1962
HobbsMichael MaleunknownCowlitzWithdrawalMichael Hobbs was booked on 01/01/11 but was let go on personal recognizance due to a medical condition (Alcohol Detoxification) on 01/02/11. He was rearrested later that day on a new charge at 1653 on 1/02/11. He was being held on four misdemeanors, violations of a no contact order, DWLS, Assault 4 and Ignition interlock violation. He was seen by medical staff on 01/02/11 and 01/03/11 but reportedly refused treatment/ medication for Detoxification both times. On 1/03/11 he was checked on at 1700, 1713, 1732 and then 1801 when he was found non responsive. He was pronounced dead at 1830.unknown4301/03/11 6:30 p.m.January 1, 2011??/??/1968
WrightDouglasMalewhiteClarkillnesslooks like natural death while sleepingunknown4301/03/06 6:30 a.m.unk.July 27, 1962
ChadwickDonaldMalewhiteClarkSuicidedied from suicide after hanging in Clark County JailKidnapping, Domestic Violence44October 24, 2008October 2, 2008August 30, 1964
HeinenTammyFemalewhiteSpokaneWithdrawalTammy Heinen was booked into spokane county jail . She was found dead in her cell with little information given as to why. 13. DOJ Deaths In Custody Report says that she died as result of ethenol withdrawal and cihrossis of liverwarrant hold44July 13, 2015July 12, 2015unk.
HunterDana BradleyMalewhitePierceillnessDana Bradley Hunter was found by inmates having a seizure. He was turned to side by inmates until Fire Department showed up and transported him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.unknown4409/23/06 10:10 p.m.unk.January 29, 1962
ParrishMaleunknownKingHeart Attackdied of heart diseaseunknown44August 20, 2009unk.December 29, 1964
TranVoungMaleasianClarkSuicideVoung Tran made several suicidal statements during booking into Clark County Jail. He died sometime between 1215 and 1648 due to high levels of prescription medication. Was ruled a suicide. During this time he was never fully checked on, just assumed to have been sleeping despite being schedule for a diabetic visit with medical and an hour out of cell. correctional officer who was supposed to check on him at 1245 took his unresponsiveness as an answer instead of actually checking. During his stay at Clark County Jail he was transferred to a mental health hospital for three months. Upon his return his dosage of medications was drastically increased. Investigators say they believe he was saving medications which would indicate medical nurse was not watching him take his full dose. They also failed to strip search him upon his return to the jail which could have also been a way to bring Drugs in.unknown44June 18, 2009March 9, 2009March 10, 1965
CousinsJimmy Daryl MalewhiteWhitman County JailSuicideJimmy Daryl Cousins was found hanging in his cell by jail deputies while they were making their rounds. Death caused by Asphyxiation from hanging. Jimmy Daryl Cousins was booked on one count of child molestation.child molestation45April 5, 2006March 24, 2003August 27, 1960
Fletes-GaitanFrancisco J.MalelatinoPierceSuicideFrancisco Fletes-Gaitan was booked on 5/13/12, booking information indicated that he was depressed but was not placed on suicide watch. Other inmates expressed concerns to SGT that Fletes was depressed and did not speak good English. He was found three days later hanging in his cell in a seated position. autopsy indicates manner of death as suicide by hanging.unknown4505/16/12 3:33 p.m.May 13, 2012April 30, 1967
KurtzhalsCarolyn L FemalewhiteChelanSuicideCarolyn Kurtzhals of "Carolyn L Kurtzhals" was booked into Chelan County Jail 3/06/2005. It is unclear the specifics, but prior to her death, Carolyn L Kurtzhals was moved into 48 hour isolation. She informed medical staff that she was "stir crazy" and threatened that "If you don't get me out I will end up hanging myself with sheet", the nurse then asked in seriousness if this was true, Carolyn L Kurtzhals then laughed it off and said she would never hurt herself. On the 9th, she was found hanging in her cell, not breathing, and aid was dispatched to assist her. Prior to her death, Carolyn L Kurtzhals made several calls to her ex-boyfriend, threatening that if he didn't bail her out, she would kill herself. He claimed to have called the jail and explained the situation, indicating that they should be watching Carolyn L Kurtzhals because she is suicidal. The jail does not have records of these calls. In addition, Carolyn L Kurtzhals's daughter said her mother was a drug user and has always been suicidal, she said she attempted suicide in the past and that her wrists would show the scars. After an investigation concerning this incident, it was found that Carolyn L Kurtzhals was previously entered into the system, stating that she was a possible suicide threat (possibly overdosing on cocaine). Throughout the duration of the investigation, a particular officer "Patterson" attempted to make it very clear to the investigator that was not responsible for Carolyn L Kurtzhals's isolation. She was pronounced dead at Chelan County Jail on 3/09/2005.DV4503/09/05 11:41 p.m.03/06/05 6:10 p.m.unk.
SharkeyArnoldMaleunknownKingSuicideArnold Sharkey was being held on a fugitive warrant from the state of Florida and was booked into King-RJC before he was transferred to King County Corrections on 8/26/10. Jail staff responded to a medical emergency on 9/11/10 after being alerted by other inmates, he was transported to HMC where he died on 9/13/10 4pm. His death was ruled a suicide by ligature hanging. had been on suicide watch week before he died.warrant hold4509/13/10 4:00 p.m.08/26/10 11:14 a.m.August 25, 1965
CrowderSammyMaleafrican americanKingHeart AttackSammy Crowder complained of chest pain on 7/23/06 and was taken to HMC, he spent the night there and was returned to the jail. He then died on 7/26/06 from stroke and heart attack. No medical records provided that could indicate whether medical care prior to ha could have helped prevent event.DUI4607/26/06 8:30 a.m.June 15, 2006February 20, 1960
YoungJohnMalewhiteClallamSuicideJohn Young committed suicide by hanging by a sock in his cell. John Young had many mental issues and would falsify realities about guards mistreating him, his own injuries, and his own medical needs. in segregation at time of his suicideassault 146December 12, 2007May 23, 2006January 20, 1961
AndersonRichard DuyaneMalewhiteKittitasillnessunknown cause of deathDUI47December 31, 2009December 30, 2009May 18, 1962
DemmertJosephMalenative americanKingAccidentdied from cerebral hemorrhage caused by skull fracture. cause of injury not determined. may have happened before being booked in..failure to appear4706/03/09 11:20 p.m.06/01/09 11:21 a.m.September 13, 1961
IszleyLynnMalewhiteKingillnessLynn Iszley dies in infirmary unit of king county jail - downtown because of burst appendix. he had been complaining of pain in abdomen for three days but still died after reporting that his "liver exploded."DOC detainer47July 19, 2007July 15, 2007February 9, 1960
luzunarisDanielMaleafrican americanKitsapSuicideDied by hanging in kitsap county jail had been in suicide watch. Hurt self after finding out that facing another charge. complained about solitary.DV4708/11/10 3:00 p.m.07/30/10 7:49 p.m.October 4, 1962
TarayaWinonaFemalenative americanPierceHeart AttackWinona Taraya was found dead in her bunk. Her death was ruled natural causes; hypertensive heart disease. potential withdrawal issue.Theft4707/06/15 8:34 a.m.07/05/15 2:03 a.m.April 18, 1968
BessenbacherWilliam AnthonyMalewhitePierceSuicideWilliam Anthony Bessenbacher was found hanging in the shower on the day he arrived from the prison. Prior to the hanging he had submitted a 11. kite requesting a bible, glasses and a request to say a prayer. He left a suicide note for his family apologizing for everything. autopsy indicates cause of death as ligature hanging/ suicide.unknown48August 19, 2008August 19, 2008July 14, 1960
GrundenMark LesterMalewhitePierceSuicideMark Grunden died in custody due to hanging. He was found hanging during a visual check of cells. Reports indicate that no one said that he made any suicidal comments. medical officer Examiner ruled cause of death as asphyxia due to hanging, manner of death suicide.drugs48March 24, 201003/19/10 12:11 a.m.December 15, 1961
JohnsonLouis LanceMaleafrican americanPierceSuicideLouis Lance Johnson was incarcerated for attempted murder and DV assault. According to other inmates he had been keeping to himself and spent most of his time in his cell alone. He was found hanging from the upper bunk and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.DV4804/11/07 11:13 p.m.April 9, 2007December 5, 1958
SmithMatthew Scott MalewhitePierceillnessMatthew Smith suffered from severe Crohns disease, bipolar disorder and psychotic episodes. Jail staff waited 19 days to evaluate him. He was taken to Tacoma General Hospital for medical treatment and the hospital instructed an immediate return if condition worsened. Four days later he was in the clinic in jail with a crohns episode and not taken to the hospital. Found dead on floor of jail Medical clinic cell a week later on Oct. 9th. Claim was filed by his parent alleging poor Medical care.assault 14810/09/15 10:17 a.m.August 27, 2015September 30, 1967
VittoneDominicMalewhiteKingSuicidestrangled self with foley catheter in king county jail - downtownTheft4909/12/11 12:23 a.m.09/06/11 8:30 p.m.March 30, 1962
WaldenbergEric Orville MalewhiteKitsapSuicideEric Orville Waldenberg was having withdrawals in kitsap county jail He called his father multiple times to ask him to bail him out, mortgage the house, or do anything to help. He explained to his father that he was vomiting, freezing, shaking, etc.
Eric Orville Waldenberg was found hanging in his cell and at around 2058 hours. Later, three suicide letters were found addressed to family and friends and one to the prosecutor's office. Eric Orville Waldenberg was the 5th person to commit suicide in kitsap county jail since 2000.
Burglary4902/27/16 9:56 a.m.February 21, 2016March 21, 1966
WickerMarcMaleunknownKingillnessMarc Wicker was booked into KCC for a misdemeanor warrant. Booked on charge for attempted auto theft, bail set at 2000.00. During booking he said that he had heart problems, high blood pressure, delirium tremors/seizures due to daily Alcohol use. Form did not indicate that ITR nurse was called to evaluate him before booking. Jail Health wouldn't provide specifics but reportedly indicate that a nurse was called and evaluated him while in booking area. He was later housed in area for Alcohol withdrawal. He was sent to HMC due to hallucinations and later died due to an aneurysm due to hypertensive cardiovascular disease.Theft49January 12, 2008December 28, 2007January 26, 1958
DrafsTimothyMalewhiteWhatcomSuicideTimothy Drafs died as result of suicide. there's a suggestion in the record that he got news that he might be facing a long prison sentence from his attorney and then he commited suicide quickly thereafter.DOC detainer5005/28/15 12:26 a.m.May 12, 2015February 9, 1965
GrandeDavid BenjaminMaleunknownGrantSuicideDavid Grande or David Benjamin Grande was booked into Grant County Jail on approximately 7/13/2015. David Benjamin Grande was booked for retail theft, 3rd degree theft and a district court warrant. It appears that the officers there had interacted with David Benjamin Grande many times before, as they indicated that David Benjamin Grande "often asks to be housed alone and sleeps for the first couple of days after his arrival". The day before his death, officers reported that they had interacted with David Benjamin Grande multiple times throughout the day and saw no signs of him wanting to harm himself. On 7/14/2015, David Benjamin Grande was found dead by suicide hanging in his cell in Grant County Jail. David Benjamin Grande had used a ripped off section of his mattress and was unresponsive and without a pulse. Officers responded and performed rounds of CPR for 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived at Grant County Jail. Quickly after, David Benjamin Grande was taken in an ambulance to Columbia Basin Hospital for medical treatment. David Benjamin Grande was pronounced dead at 0130 hours at CBH.Theft50July 14, 2015July 13, 2015??/??/1965
JusticeDaphne Femaleafrican americanKingillnessDaphne Justice had medical issues that required her to get dialysis treatment. She also had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She had many issues with the correctional officer officers and often was taken back to the jail prior to completing her dialysis. She was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at HMC.forgery51January 14, 2009September 26, 2008August 19, 1957
MathewsKarenFemalewhiteKingWithdrawalKaren Jane Matthew was booked into King County Jail after she was arrested at 2330 9/15/07 for selling narcotics. Arresting officers removed .9gm of "crack cocaine" from her mouth. During booking she was sitting on a bench when she fell asleep and fell to the concrete floor resulting in a head injury that she was taken to HMC for evaluation. She was transported back to the jail where she was exhibiting signs of "dope sickness" and suffered frequent vomiting and bouts of loose stool but she reportedly refused medical attention. At dinner time Matthew was reportedly refusing to come out of her cell but after some "coaxing" was able to do so. She barely touched her food and returned to her cell. She placed her mattress pad on the floor to be closer to the toilet since she needed to use it frequently. On 9/17/07 at around 4 am Matthew's cell mate said she witnessed Matthews to gargle and possibly swallow some cleaning solution labeled "Vindicator" which includes dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride and dimethyl benzyl ammonium." The cellmate and Matthew had kept some of the chemical in their cell to clean the toilet due to the cellmate worries about getting sick from Matthew's body waste. At 8am Matthew's was lying on her mattress on the floor and did not respond to calls for breakfast. "Upon closer inspection" she was noted to be unresponsive. Medics were summoned to the cell and resuscitative efforts failed. She was pronounced dead at 0840am on 9/17/07.drugs5109/17/07 8:40 a.m.09/15/07 1:04 a.m.April 9, 1956
DeutschFemaleunknownSnohomishWithdrawalkathleen Ann Swann-Deutsch died of effects of chronic Alcohol abuse while in withdrawal in snohomish county jailDUI51July 29, 2013TBDTBD
FieldsJames EMalewhiteLewisSuicideJames E Fields was a 53 year old white male that died in Lewis County Jail. He was in a segregation unit at the time of death and was found hanging from a sprinkler head. He was exhibiting unusual behavior and other inmates knew of his plan but did not report it. He had already served his time and was not looking at extended time.unknown52February 21, 2009August 22, 2008December 16, 1956
WatsonCory L.FemaleunknownBentonSuicideCory L. Watson died in Trips Health after a suicide attempt in benton county jail. She was 52 years old and booked for a felony bench warrant out of Spokane County.Felony Bench Warrant52May 25, 2015May 21, 2015October 29, 1962
AlexanderJeffery EdwardMalewhiteKingAccidentJeffery Edward Alexander was booked into king county jail - downtown and was there for a few days when one night he was found on the floor of his cell after having fallen off of his bunk. He died at Harborview Hospital from ppinal fractures and head traumaunknown5309/14/06 3:25 p.m.September 8, 2006June 8, 1953
StevensScott M MalewhiteSpokaneillnessStevens was arrested on suspicion of stealing a handbag. He was booking into spokane county jail and was never seen by a judge. His first appearance was delayed twice, once on Thursday and once on Friday hours before his death. He died alone in a jail cell on Friday night and was discovered by a correctional officer when he realized he was not breathing. Life saving measures were unsuccessful. 13. DOJ Deaths In Custody Report says that he had hepatitis that contributed to his death.Theft53June 12, 201506/10/15 7:00 p.m.unk.
BaronKathleen AnnFemaleunknownKirkland MunicipalillnessNeed more information on age and death. Unclear what caused death.DUI54TBDJuly 2, 2013December 30, 1959
GossmanDavid Allen MalewhitePierceOverdoseDavid Gossman died in custody in Pierce County Jail due to chronic ethanolism. He had been experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms, smelled toxic and had not been eating according to an inmate who found him unresponsive in his cell. correctional officer's expressed concerns to nurse staff but since he was able to hold down some water, no other efforts were taken to help him.DV5406/25/08 5:27 a.m.06/23/08 6:01 p.m.April 21, 1954
MapesJohn MalewhiteKittitasillnessMapes became ill in early February 2013 while serving a 270 day sentence. On 2/6/13 he filled out a health service request 11. kite for a possible flu/head cold/ sinus infection. Two days later, on 2/8/13 he was seen by a Nurse who noted he was feeling sick, could barely talk, had dry cough, low appetite, etc. Temp of fever was redacted. A call was made to the doctor who prescribed and authorized a telephone order for some meds. On 2/10/13 at 142 am Mapes pressed the emergency button and explained that he was having trouble breathing. Corrections officers dismissed his concerns as an anxiety attack. Mapes continued struggling to breathe and again at 5 am he asked to be taken to the hospital but was denied because his vitals, taken over three hours prior, were "relatively normal." They did not take his vitals at this time or provide any further assistance. Just about an hour later during morning inspection Mapes tried to tell the incoming officers that he was really not feeling well. They took his vitals again and claimed there was no substantial change. Shortly after, he pressed the emergency button again pleading with officers and telling them his blood sugar level felt low. The correctional officer's wheeled him into the medical room. He was given medication for his blood sugar level and once again returned to his cell despite having chest pains and being raspy. At around 10 am Mapes appeared pale but this was ignored. At around 11 am his oxygen levels were finally checked and he was only then transported to the hospital. He was pronounced dead that evening.
The investigation for this death includes interviews with several inmates who had been living with Mapes at the time. The inmates indicated that each time Mapes pressed the emergency button, the officers wouldn't come right away but instead would take a while to come. Another inmate heard the corrections officer tell Mapes that they didn't care what happened and that they were just going to wait until Monday for a doctor to come in. Another inmate claims that the nurse never ordered or delivered the antibiotics Mapes was supposed to receive. Other accounts describe how Mapes was coughing up blood and phlegm, how it was taking a severely long time to get medical attention and that he couldn't even lie down because it felt like he was drowning, that he looked as if he was going to die and so forth. One inmate specifically said that diabetics like Mapes were not receiving meals with their shots and were often given the wrong medications by correctional officer's. According to these interviews an inmate described how everyone in the pod was getting upset because there was clearly something very wrong with Mapes and the staff was doing nothing to help him. There are reports that Mapes was sleeping over 20 hours a day and hadn't used the bathroom in over two weeks. An inmate described how Mapes had to put in 36 kites for medical attention before the weekend of his death occurred. Mapes was "literally fighting for his life trying to breathe and they didn't care. It was just like nothing." They just told him, "be quiet…you'll be alright." Interviews describe how they believe he died from pneumonia. Investigator's acknowledged that "all of the inmates that were interviewed expressed concern about Mapes' condition and what they referred to as a lack of concern by jail staff for his care and well-being". They all indicated that he was clearly sick and lost his voice several days before. They also indicated that the emergency button was pushed several times to try to get him some help."
John Mapes died on 2/10/13 only one month of before he was scheduled to be released on 3/12/13.
Issues: extremely poor medical
DUI5402/10/13 9:20 p.m.August 21, 2012unk.
ColeRuth Lurine Femaleafrican americanKingHeart AttackRuth Lurine Cole was found unresponsive lying on a mattress on the floor of her cell. Medics attempted resuscitation, efforts were ceased at 1902. She had a significant cardiac medical history and was reportedly monitored by staff according to the MedicalExaminer's report.theft misdemeanor5510/08/07 7:02 p.m.September 6, 2007March 18, 1952
DanielJamesMaleafrican americanYakimaillnessJames Daniel was in pre-booking when he was deemed unfit to be booked into YakimaCountyJail. He was then taken to the hospital where he stayed until he was healthy enough to go back to the jail. He had claimed to have taken cocaine and Heroin four hours prior to being arrested. He then was found unresponsive and not breathing with no pulse in his cell two days later. His roommate hit the emergency button, assuming James Daniel had a seizure. After attempts at CPR and his eventual death, the post-death investigation assumes he had a heart attack.unknown55July 13, 2006July 11, 2006February 21, 1951
Montelongo, Jr.HenryMalelatinoFranklinillnessaccidental water intoxication due to excessive thirst caused by medicationDomestic Dispute55December 22, 2012unk.unk.
SpearsSteven E MalewhiteThurstonSuicideSteven Spears death ruled suicide, due to asphyxiation while in the holding area/ booking area in thurston county jail.DUI55January 7, 2007January 7, 2007January 13, 1951
WatsonSeanMaleunknownClarkSuicideSean Watson was booked at 2307 on 10/02/12 for possession of marijuana greater than 40 grams. During his arrest he had indicated that he just purchased the marijuana for his unhealed leg injury that he was also seen for. He said he was trying to get off of all the pills that the doctors had him on and that he was using it since his wife passed away on New Years day. He was arrested anyways but due to the large open wound on his lower right leg he was denied entry until he had been taken to the Southwest medical center for observations. He was cleared and returned to jail for processing. He reportedly had not indicated that he was suicidal during the booking process and was housed in a cell by himself. He was found on 10/03/12 hanging from a sprinkler head by a sheet. autopsy indicated that cause of death was due to hanging with toxicology showing Drugs in his system.unknown55October 3, 2012October 2, 2012April 1, 1957
BeaudryKenneth A.MalewhitePierceillnessKenneth A. Beaudry, while in pierce county jail, became sick and was transported to the hospital where a few weeks later he was taken off of life support.child rape5605/12/06 6:40 a.m.unk.September 22, 1950
HarbinRandyMaleunknownPierceillnessRandy Harbin was in declining death and died of natural causes at St. Clare Hospital. He was charged with first degree murder and was awaiting trial.Murder56March 21, 2012unk.unk.
CrewHenryMalewhiteKingillnessHenry Crew died of heart attack caused by cirrhosis of the liver. There is indication that he could have had bleeding in abdomen that should have required drainage, but did not do it before he died of HA caused by blood clots in arteries to heart.DUI5702/21/06 8:00 a.m.February 15, 2006November 5, 1948
MurphyJohn E MaleunknownSpokaneUnknownJohn E Murphy , 57, was discovered unresponsive in his cell at 1030 pm, he was declared dead later on according to news report.unknown5708/08/13 10:30 p.m.unk.unk.
HiattChella LorraineFemalewhiteOkanoganUnknownChella Hiatt or Chella Lorraine Hiatt turned herself into Okanogan County Jail on a court commit and appeared upbeat and friendly. She claimed she was suicidal earlier in the year but had seen therapists and claimed to be better, except that she still would need her medication. Chella Lorraine Hiatt seemed to be sleeping semi-irregularly or strangely before she was found dead. Her fellow inmate Sophia Stewart checked on her many times until she found her not breathing, she then pressed the "Correctional Officer Help Button" in cell 2 where she had no response. She then tried cell 3 and did not get a response. Finally, she has to ask the cook to help her out. Chella Lorraine Hiatt was found dead in her cell by the cook of the jail who then advised an officer to check on her. Chella Lorraine Hiatt had reported being suicidal in the past and had recently bought over $400 dollars' worth of valium pills (120 of them). After her death, detectives observed her body and claimed to find no signs of trauma or obvious signs of death.unknown58April 3, 2013April 1, 2013April 27, 1955
JuhnkeFredrick JamesMaleunknownSpokaneillnessFredrick James Juhnke died from a ruptured aortal aneurysm. Officers failed to check on him for over 8 hours and were disciplined/ fired. They failed to make required half hourly checks, falsified logbooks, and lied to investigators according to news report.unknown58November 11, 2009unk.unk.
WilkieJohn DavidMalewhitePierceUnknownpierce county jail death, no further documents provided concerning this deathunknown58May 29, 2006unk.August 22, 1947
CarrRichard JohnMalewhiteKingillnessRichard John Carr was charged with DUI and hit and run. Upon booking, he indicated that he had heart problems and high blood pressure. He was assigned to infirmary housing and then moved to Medical housing. In January, he was transported to HMC after evaluation from jail staff. After not responding to treatment, he was taken off of life support and pronounced dead at 0105 on 01/28/08. Medical Examiner indicated cause of death was end stage liver disease and Alcohol cirrhosis.DUI5901/28/08 1:05 a.m.11/28/07 3:37 p.m.March 13, 1948
GarciaRudy MartinezMalelatinoSkagitSuicideRudy Martinez Garcia found unresponsive in a suicide cell in Skagit County Jail. Rudy Martinez Garcia was disowned by his family due to his 4 counts of child rape and was a type 1 dependent diabetic. He wanted to induce a diabetic coma and thus refused food and water and medication for 5 days until he was found unresponsive. Jail staff and his lawyer were all aware of his thoughts about suicide. His lawyer indicated he did not try to stop him. He had just been sentenced to 20-26 years in prison.child rape59November 17, 2010November 12, 2010December 1, 1950
williamsbillMaleunknownSnohomishuse of forcebill williams died from excited delirium after being tazed by correctional officers in snohomish county jail during bookingTheft59September 14, 2012September 14, 2012unk.
mowanmarilynFemaleunknownSnohomishSuicidemarilyn mowan died by drinking too much water. suicideassault 362September 23, 2014unk.unk.
WilkersonHarryMalewhiteFranklinUnknownmeth use; possible taser complicationsBurglary63TBDDecember 8, 2017February 2, 1954
WeilbyDavidMaleunknownSpokaneUnknownDavid Weilby was arrested for DWI following a collision and was booked into Spokane County Jail. He reportedly suffered no major injury during the accident. He was immediately booked into jail. He was found unresponsive in his cell while awaiting release after posting bail. He is one of three individuals that Spokane autopsy was unable to ID cause of death for.DUI6504/28/07 10:50 p.m.04/28/07 7:15 p.m.TBD
cowlingdianeFemaleSnohomishHeart Attackdiane cowling died of heart attack in snohomish county jailanimal cruelty66April 20, 2011January 24, 2011unk.
TuckerArchieMaleafrican americanKingillnessArchie Tucker had a history of drug abuse, hypertensive and atheroscolerotic cardiovascular disease. He was booked into King County Corrections on 10/19/12 and after complaining of shortness of breath he was transported to HMC where he was found to be septic and died a few hours following. Cause of death was listed as clinical sepsis and focal myocardial abscess.Assault 466October 20, 201210/19/12 8:15 a.m.May 14, 1946
GuetzloeLewis MaleunknownCowlitzillnessLewis Guetzloe died of Alcohol liver disease after being arrested for a DUI. Manner of death was listed as a natural deathDUI71May 13, 2006May 11, 2006November 8, 1934
NelsonJames John MalewhitePierceillnessJames Nelson was found unresponsive in cell during breakfast feeding. After failed resuscitation attempts he was pronounced dead. The medical officer Examiners report indicates that he died of acute urosepsis due to pyelonephritis, due to bladder out obstruction, due to prostatic hypertrophy. Manner of death ruled natural. very severe kidney infectionrape72July 7, 2013unk.September 30, 1940
ClarkCalvin Maleafrican americanFifeHeart AttackCalvin Clark was booked into Fife City Jail on charges of a gross misdemeanor DUI and later died while in the "score" part of the jail due to a heart attackGross Misdemeanor DUI75January 1, 2016December 31, 2015December 4, 1940
StevensWalter MalewhiteClarkillnessunknown cause of deathunknown75January 27, 2005unk.January 12, 1929
ImusJohnMalewhiteBentonHeart AttackJohn Imus died of a congestive heart disease while in custody.Failed registration as a sex offend8207/08/15 8:58 p.m.07/07/15 11:23 a.m.September 29, 1932