We are members of the Columbia Legal Services Board of Directors, proud to give voice to the values and needs of the distinct communities we represent – from Hoquiam on the coast, across the Olympic Peninsula to the Skokomish Reservation, and through the Snoqualmie Pass to the Yakima Valley.

We bring our lived and learned expertise along with the knowledge and hopes of our communities to the table to help guide the organization. Each one of us is committed to helping this amazing team of advocates grow and thrive while holding the organization accountable to our collective vision, values, and goals.

Our individual experiences and priorities vary and intersect. Even though we all started out in our individual niches – disability rights, domestic violence, immigration rights, and tribal concerns, the transformational work of CLS brings us all together.

Once each year, we all join together for Imagine Justice. Like last year, the event is virtual and free in an effort to make it more accessible. This year, you can join us in either English on YouTube Livestream or Spanish on Facebook Live, using your preferred language to participate in the lively chat conversations.  

Wherever you live, whatever communities you represent, and whichever issues are closest to your heart, you are welcome in the CLS community. On behalf of the entire CLS Board of Directors, we invite you to join us for 2021 Imagine Justice, a fun and powerful event that serves as a reminder of what we can accomplish when we stand together.

In Solidarity,

Brenda Carlstrom, Council Member, Hoquiam City Council
Carmen Mireles, Engaged Community Member, Yakima Valley
Brenda Morbauch, Engaged Community Member, Skokomish

Columbia Legal Services Board of Directors