Columbia Legal Services supports legislation proposed by community partners and allies that helps to advance social, economic, and racial equity for people living in poverty. These proposals include:


  • Ending unnecessary cooperation by the state and local governments in the enforcement of federal immigration law. (Keep Washington Working)
  • Increasing opportunities to review and adjust extremely long criminal sentences.
  • Ending the suspension of driver licenses for failure to pay.
  • Increasing eligibility for children’s health insurance program to age 26, regardless of immigration status.
  • Strengthening tenant protections under the Manufactures/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act.
  • Ending the use of detention for truancy and running away from a foster home placement.
  • Protecting consumers from receiving unexpected, surprise medical bills after an emergency or a scheduled medical procedure. (HB 1065/SB 5031)
  • Ending the use of “pocket service” in debt collection cases, a practice which confuses consumers and puts them at greater risk for default. (HB 1066/SB 5034)