SHB 1412: Opening up Opportunities for Relief from LFO Debt

February 19 @ 1:30pm in the House Appropriations Committee

SHB 1412 provides individuals with new and necessary opportunities to seek relief from LFO debt if they are unable to pay. The bill allows courts to waive or reduce certain currently mandatory LFOs based on evidence of a person’s inability to pay and it creates a statute of limitations on the courts’ jurisdiction to collect LFOs, which would provide finality to criminal sentences and the opportunity for community members to move past their convictions. The bill also reinstates provisions that allow people who are incarcerated to ask the court for relief, allowing them to focus on successfully reintegrating into the community.

Read more about SHB 1412 here.

What you can do to support:

  • Take 1 minute and log in as “Pro” prior to the Feb. 19th hearing! Click here and fill in your information. This is an easy way to support that only takes a second!
    • *Please note: this link will say “remote testimony” but you won’t be signing up to testify live. Instead, you’ll be noting your position “pro” for the record.
  • Submit written testimony prior to the Feb. 19th hearing! Click here and tell the Appropriations Committee why you support Opportunities for Relief from LFO Debt!
  • Sample message: “Dear Representative, please support Substitute House Bill 1412, concerning relief from legal financial obligations. This bill expands judicial discretion by allowing courts to waive certain LFOs and interest for people who are poor and lack the ability to pay and can show evidence of indigence. This bill is fiscally responsible because, rather than mandating waiver or reduction of LFOs, the bill simply opens the door for individuals to seek waiver before a judge if they lack the ability to pay. Only people who cannot pay will see these LFOs go away, causing minimal impact to budgets. Thank you for supporting this incredibly important piece of legislation. Sincerely, (YOUR NAME).”