On Earth Day we have a special obligation to confront the reality of climate chaos and the unequal impacts it has on people across Washington. Extreme heat and wildfires are now a part of our seasons, and many of us cannot just stay indoors until the seasons change. Farmworkers and other people who work outside need serious protection from these conditions and now is the time to raise our voices.

Two ways to stand up for workers this Earth Day:

  1. Attend the upcoming Labor & Industries Stakeholder meeting on Wildfire Smoke Protections and support new rules to protect workers against wildfire smoke
  2. Share our guide “Your Rights when Working in Extreme Outdoor Heat,” in English and in Spanish, on your social media and other networks to get the word out that workers DO have rights to safety when working in extreme heat

As climate change accelerates environmental racism, we have the responsibility of doing everything we can to protect farmworkers from the dangers of working outdoors in extreme weather. Racism will be a defining feature of climate change if we do not take every opportunity to counter it. Thank you for your partnership this Earth Day and every day.