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Imagine Justice

An evening of hope and inspiration benefiting the work of Columbia Legal Services

October 13, 2016 | 5:00 pm | $35
Impact Hub Seattle
220 Second Ave South
Seattle, WA 98104

Fair and Accessible Renting for Everyone

CLS with the Tenant’s Union and the FARE Coalition began hosting community drafting sessions around an ordinance tackling the issue of access to renting for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Advocates Begin to Distribute $1 Million in Settlement Funds to Farm Workers

In July, CLS advocates began distributing funds to over 700 Yakima Valley farm workers who were on the winning side of a hard-fought class action settlement. More En Español

Fair Access to Hospital Care

The cost of medical services, especially during emergencies, shouldn't prohibit people from seeking hospital care. Columbia Legal Services, working closely with patients and allies, aims to help break down these barriers so everyone who qualifies for Charity Care is aware of and can access free or discounted hospital services. More

Our Commitment to Racial Justice in the Spirit of Community

In our capacity as lawyers who aspire to serve justice and eliminate racialized poverty, we share in the mourning and deep sorrow over the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Their deaths and the fatal shootings of police officers in Dallas, cannot be deaths in vain. More

Franklin County Jail Class Notice

See the Class Action Notice and the Settlement Agreement regarding Farris et al., v. Franklin County, et al., a class action we filed claiming Franklin County Correctional Center detainees had been abused and that the jail failed to follow basic procedures designed to protect health and safety. Available in both English and Spanish. More

Report to the Community

Our Report to the Community covers the past year at Columbia Legal Services. We strove to imagine a just society by connecting our work with local and national networks and  aligning our values as an organization with that vision of justice. More

Standing Up for Shelter For Everyone

On August 24 2016, we in partnership with the ACLU and others published an open letter to the Seattle City Council and Mayor Ed Murray calling for their commitment to a safe and sustainable alternative to the ongoing sweeps of unsheltered individuals and families in Seattle. More


Class Action Notice to Individuals Held At the Franklin County Corrections Center


Fair Access to Hospital Care: The cost of medical services, especially during emergencies, shouldn’t prohibit people from seeking hospital care. CLS, working closely with patients and allies, is working to help break down barriers to affordable hospital care so all families can thrive. More


2004: CLS and our co-counsel have been representing foster children to realize the promise of a 2004 court settlement designed to ensure their stability and safety. More