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Barbers are one of the career paths closed due to a prior record.
Creating Second Chances

Tens of thousands of Washington residents who have paid their dues are not given a second chance. The Certificate of Restoration of Opportunities Act (CROP), a bill CLS helped develop, intends to remove barriers to employment for people who have a criminal history and open the door to opportunity, allowing people to move on with their lives. More


New Resources from the Children & Youth Project

Our Children & Youth Project has been studying student homelessness in Washington State and working to help homeless students succeed. See their latest research and find out about their advocacy.

Modern Day Debtors' Prisons

Washington courts are locking up people for being poor. A report by CLS and the ACLU of Washington describes how the burden of court-mandated fines and fees leads to poverty, and frequently, jail time. More

Ensuring Access to Healthcare for Low-Income Immigrants

Washington hospitals were improperly denying immigrants access to "charity care," a crucial safety net for the working poor. Our advocacy reversed discriminatory billing practices and empowered immigrant families to escape crushing medical debts. More


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Improving Outcomes for Children: The Children and Youth Project helped make progress for Washington children in the 2014 legislative session, including a long-sought expansion of attorney access for foster youth, and sealing juvenile records-reducing a major barrier to adult success. More


2004: CLS and our co-counsel have been representing foster children to realize the promise of a 2004 court settlement designed to ensure their stability and safety. More