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Eliminating Pesticide Exposure

We are representing seven orchard workers who filed a lawsuit alleging they were exposed to pesticides during a crop-dusting application of several restricted-use pesticides. Pesticide exposure causes farm workers to suffer more chemically-related injuries and illnesses than any other occupational group in the nation. More

Fair and Accessible Renting for Everyone

CLS with the Tenant’s Union and the FARE Coalition began hosting community drafting sessions around an ordinance tackling the issue of access to renting for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Advocates Begin to Distribute $1 Million in Settlement Funds to Farm Workers

In July, CLS advocates began distributing funds to over 700 Yakima Valley farm workers who were on the winning side of a hard-fought class action settlement. More En Español

Fair Access to Hospital Care

The cost of medical services, especially during emergencies, shouldn't prohibit people from seeking hospital care. Columbia Legal Services, working closely with patients and allies, aims to help break down these barriers so everyone who qualifies for Charity Care is aware of and can access free or discounted hospital services. More

Report to the Community

Our Report to the Community covers the past year at Columbia Legal Services. We strove to imagine a just society by connecting our work with local and national networks and  aligning our values as an organization with that vision of justice. More


Class Action Notice to Individuals Held At the Franklin County Corrections Center


Sustainable Solutions: The Seattle City Council is considering an ordinance, originally drafted by CLS & ACLU-WA, that provides a framework for how the City engages in campsite removals while being more responsive to the needs of people experiencing homelessness and neighborhood concerns. More


2002-2007: State and federal agents intimidated primarily Spanish-speaking childcare providers and accused them of fraud. Our advocacy resulted in the fraud claims being dropped, damage awards to the affected providers, and changes to the investigative procedures of DSHS. More