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2023 Legislative Session

Our legislative priorities aim to advance social, economic, and racial equity for people living in poverty.
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CLS is one of the only legal aid organizations in Washington able to engage in systemic change work through lobbying and class action litigation because we don’t take any government funding. Every year, we push the legislature to advance social, racial and economic justice for people in Washington. In 2023, we are asking legislators to: 

  • Ensure health coverage for Washingtonians regardless of their immigration status. 
  • Provide unemployment protection for excluded immigrant workers.
  • Continue reducing the harms of legal financial obligations. 
  • Protect low-income tenants from unfair damage claims by landlords. 
  • Fairness for farm workers.

Read more about our legislative priorities here.

WATCH: CLS Policy Director, Antonio Ginatta, shares what CLS is fighting for in the 2023 session.


Important Session Dates

January 9

February 17

March 8

March 29

April 12

First Day of Session

Lawmakers begin meetings and committee work, considering proposed bills that will impact Washington’s laws on a variety of issues.

Last day to advance bills out of policy committees

Policy committees have until today to decide which bills will advance this sessionBills with fiscal impacts will then have to be voted out of fiscal committees by February 24.

Last day to pass bills out of their house of origin (House or Senate)

If they do pass out of their house of origin, bills will then be considered by the other legislative body (House or Senate).

Last day to pass bills out of committees in opposite chamber

The committees considering bills received from the opposite chamber have until today to decide which bills will continue to advance. Bills with fiscal impacts will then have be voted out of fiscal committees by April 4.

Last Chance

Policy bills must pass out of the opposite chamber by today at 5pm.