CLS “Top Ten” of 2022! Looking back at a year of progress, community, and the pursuit of equity and justice.

Equity Day!
CLS staff gathered (in person!) for a day dedicated to equity, internally and externally. We aim to ground our work in the values taught by the People’s Institute of Survival & Beyond.

Better laws for WA!
Among our 2022 legislative victories, we celebrated the passage of SB 5729, which helps people in crisis who need public benefits.

Our neighbors!
CLS Executive Director, Merf Ehman, was on Both Sides of the Bars to talk about housing discrimination and why the formerly incarcerated are good neighbors.

Building Power!
We celebrated Immigrant Workers Building Collective Power during Imagine Justice Week. 

Visions of Freedom!
We Imagined an End to Incarceration during Imagine Justice Week. 

The Long-haul!
Years of hard work by CLS and partners were acknowledged when Washington was ranked #1 for LFO reform.

Protecting Youth!
We filed a lawsuit to protect young people from being transferred to adult prison. 

CLS hosted our first “Community Convening,” gathering with partners and friends in Yakima to share food, company, and visions of justice.

Keeping Kids Safe!
We won damages and ended the practice of handcuffing children in solitary confinement for refusing to be strip searched.

Global Human Rights!
When reviewing U.S. compliance with international human rights treaties, The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination considered a CLS report identifying five ways the United States has yet to meet its treaty obligations.